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Chris Donati (Swisherfan)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Risa Regional
2011-05-28 - 02:00 PM
FederationAs Dope As Two Rappers (Remix)
Quick note before we begin. Decklist has one error, it is +1 USS Nebula, -1 Lightner. This version of the deck is different then the one I let Matt Kirk pilot in the Santa Barbara Regional I hosted. I added the Armus Planet w/dilemmas. I also trimmed the deck down to a bare bones 30 cards. The deck performed much better than it's 2-2 record, coming very close in round 4 (see notes). I love that the deck can really come out fighting right away, it just needs to be careful for dilemmas that destroy ships (like "God"). Sir Dan once again hosted an amazing event and I am very excited for Continentals.

Round 1RomulanStarfleetCharlie PlaineFW (+75)
Carlie went first. The Chairman never managed to get off the ground. He said it, and I noted it...his free personnel were not showing up and his deck seemed clumped. By the time he attempted his first mission I was already through 1 or 2 missions. He went for space first and got Theta Radiation + Cytherians on his huge crew. He had no choice but to STP the ship back to his hand, and by then I was already chewing through the final mission to get me to 100. Charlie is always a great guy to play, and utilizing all of the 22nd century crew was very interesting. Klingons, Romulans, and Starfleet were all represented. I made a play error that he forgot to capitalize on. I beamed down two to complete a mission and he forgot to VwT them.

Round 2BajoranCardassianJohnny HolevaFW (+28)
Johnny went first. A tough opponent for round 2. I got lucky with the spaceline. Paxan wormhole helped keep me sheltered from angry Cardies and Bajorans. I think if Johnny had another turn he probably could have done it. Johnny did a great job of keeping my card draw off the table. Quinn was a surprise, and it really was -5 points well spent. The deck pulled the FW, and I felt like it had done a great job of being aggressive and forcing opponents to start attempting missions earlier then they would have liked. Johnny is a great guy and provided some nice feedback for the deck.

Round 3CardassianThomas KamiuraFL (-50)
TK went first (see a theme?!?). TK's deck was amazing. I got off a little slower than I would have liked, but it didn't matter. TK did a great job of setting up quickly with Moset, Morn, and Process Ore. TK ended up winning it all, and that didn't surprise me at all. TK and I talk a lot of friendly banter, but he delivered with the Cardies. His use of 2e compatible cards that most people disregard due to low stats was impressive. At the end of the day TK said I was the only one to solve a mission on him.

Round 4RomulanThomas VinebergFL (-30)
I got to go first!!! I am sure going into the day TV didn't expect to have an entire game saved by Q Gets the Point, but that is what happened here. I plowed through two missions, getting my Nebula blown up (but scoring 70 points) while TV slowly built up his Romulans. The final mission was a grind and after I had gone through a lot of terrible PAQ Era dilemmas, the final dilemma I encountered was Q Gets the Point. My entire deck does not have Treachery, let alone 2x Treachery. I had to abandon the attempt and go for HQ secure the Homeworld. By then TV had his dilemma busting Romulans together. TV got the FW and the MVP was definitely Q Gets the Point. I got some great ideas to work with the deck going forward, and I want to thank all my opponents who are all great guys and one of the reasons I love Trek ccg. Also thanks to Carlos and Aaron who made the trip with me from SB and LA. Thanks again to SirDan for running a top notch regional event. Now to go look for some NA Treachery...