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Mark (soggy_amphibian)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
2011-09-06 - 01:00 PM
Klingon94 Klingons Can't Be Wrong
Card pool: Premiere and 2 Player Game + Spacedoor + Space-Time-Portal Not more that 60 cards per deck; not more than 30 Seed cards and missions (that is 24 seeds and 6 missions) OTF ban list but Red Alert! + Palor Toff will be legal Special winning condition: Players must solve one mission showing no Fed icon! The deck strategy [ http://www.trekcc.org/1e/decklists/index.php?mode=viewdeck&deckID=1317 ] was pretty simple: draw a bunch, play a bunch, then solve a bunch of missions as quickly as possible. IT didn't entirely work, but I seem to have done comparatively well to my usual performance.

Round 1RomulanJFW (0)View opponent's Report
J was playing Romulans, which I was grateful for as it meant no duplicated missions. He ran all planets, so I stuck the Space combos under low-point missions and put Male's Love Interest in front. He put his outpost on, and a dilemma under, one such mission. We both got a Kivas in our opening hand, J went first, and managed to grab some more Kivases early. I got my Red Alert out early, but didn't have enough Officers out that I felt comfortable attempting missions yet. J divided his crews up and started attempting, and blew through the 20-point mission and grabbed his Kurlan. Luckily for me he never got his Medical-classification person into play... I moved over and killed his Love-Interested Jaron, but got my Traveler into play. That and then some Kivases quickly retrieved the rest of my folk, and I went attempting. I completed my outpost mission, Fever Emergency, went past a 4-span opponent's mission, and blasted through Krios Suppression (losing a Vekma to Female Love Interest), and still had enough range to get to Investigate Alien Probe. I got through most of the dilemmas and hit Cytherians. I had nothing left to draw. I had 85 points (65 from missions, and the rest from dilemmas). J took his last turn and got to 100 points, no space missions, and drew his last card. I played my Where No One Has Gone Before for an easy 15 points and to pick up Vekma. I moved back and completed Investigate Alien Probe, pushing me to 125 points. Then we realised we were already decked. 100-85 Modified Win to him, or 125-100 Full Win to me? Neither of us needed to draw after we had both emptied our draw decks, so at what point does the lack of draw deck force a conclusion to the game? J admitted that he may be thinking of 2e, I admitted I may be thinking of Tribbles. Time to let the TD decide. Nava decided that the precedent is that by letting the game continue past the proper end point, the mutual consent validated the last turn, so a Full Win to me.

Round 2Dan HammanML (-40)
Three shared missions gave this game an interesting start. I got the ideal opening hand and draws, so my first few turns went Traveler, Kivas, Kivas, Palor/Kivas, Kivas, Red Alert. With his flipped Spacedoor, Dan played a bunch of folk with my Red Alert, and went attempting. Tarellian Plague Ship killed Vekma, Ktarian Game didn't hit, and he had the Diplomacy for Nagilum. Dr Reyga had the skills to Explore Typhon Expanse, so he solved it, bringing him to 45 points, 10 were from dilemmas. Then, he Kevin'd my Red Alert. That obviously put quite a kink in my plans, so I had to choose my plays very carefully. I played Kurak, then Mogh. Dan went attempting again. Divok took a fancy to a Risan female, and they eloped to Romulus. Toq fell victim to Armus, but Roga Danar and Gowron beat the El-Adrel Creature to a bloody pulp. that'll show it. Naturally, Dan's Klingons had the Strength to take down the Chalnoth, and mug it for 5 more points. Despite a lack of Honor, Dan solved Reported Activity with Engineers. This took Dan to 85 points. I played my Divok, and took a shot at Investigate disturbance, a shared mission, but that's where my outpost was. Bit of a risk with just one each of Medical, Science and Security, but Dan had quite a big lead, and his deck had just got a lot smaller with the Betazoid Gift Quark he'd just earned, and he'd gotten his Traveler out by this point. Eek. I didn't have any Diplomacy to get through Shaka. Dan took a shot at another mission, but alas with the loss of Vekma and Divok, and the wrong equipment at the mission, his entire crew immediately died from the Tarellian Plague. It's a good job that Sto'Vo'Kor has good quarantine procedures. The next couple of turns, I played Kurn and Gowron while Dan rescued Divok. Now, armed with the Diplomacy, I pass Shaka. Then my Barclay's for ten points. Firestorm did nothing, but I got stopped by my Q (like I knew I would). I played Vekma for another Medical, then re-attempted. Dan's Barclay's :D Ten more points. My Shaka, passed. Gowron, and Biology on Divok, for 35 points, taking me to 55. On his last turn, Dan tried another mission to scramble for a Full Win. Kle'eg took a trip to Romulus with the Risan female. You'd think she was a well-disguised Tal Shiar agent, or something. Firestorm didn't affect Dan either. Phased Matter hit, without an Engineer to put in a small Away Team with his Science. He was then stopped by REM Fatigue Hallucinations, and drew his last card to end the game. Final score: Dan 85, me 55. Modified Win to Dan, double deck-out.

Round 3FederationAdam WarpinskiFL (-15)
I had a good opening hand, with 2 Travelers and a Kivas. I didn't get another Kivas for a while, so I flipped the Spacedoor to get a Spacedock out of my hand. Warpaw had just used his to grab a Galaxy. I played Mogh in the absence of something more useful (the Pattern Enhancers haven't been very useful), then Adam got his Traveler out. After playing Kurak, I got another Kivas, then Red Alert. Adam had been getting his bridge crew out slowly, but with his closed Spacedoor he managed to dump more cards out quickly, and beamed down to try the mission. Male's Love Interest sent Geordi to Krios, where my outpost was. Then Armus killed Riker. Roga Danar and Data made the El-Adrel Creature cry and run away, and the Chalnoth ran after it. Deanna beamed down and solved First Contact. She was just trying to blend in... The Enterprise moved along to the next mission, and Beverly died trying to cure the Tarellians. Data saw through the Ktarian Game, and Worf and Picard talked to Nagilum until he got bored and went away. This took Warpaw to 80 points, 15 from dilemmas. I did my personnel dump and attempted my outpost mission. The El-Adrel creature had obviously moved to Krios, but a swift encounter with Mogh and Gowron convinced him that perhaps this wasn't the best place to settle down. The Alien Parasites also didn't stick around, and neither did a Vekma, when she encountered her Love Interest. Kurak and the other Vekma were sufficient to impress the Matriarchal Society. I then solved the mission, taking me to 30 points. I took the Buruk and headed left one mission to the end of the spaceline, in order to Seek Life Form. The Buruk then returned to the outpost with a little gift of a Radioactive Garbage Scow, then the Vor'cha took the crew back to the mission. Some teamwork between Divok, Vekma, and Officers with a Medical Kit, rid the area of the devastating Tsiolkovsy Infection. Not in the mood for games, my cunning Klingons smashed the headset of Better Than Life (I mean Ktarian Game), scored 10 from Barclay's, then we sacrificed the other Vekma to the Tarellian Plague Ship. This took me to 85 points, with 15 from dilemmas. I returned to the outpost, switched ships to the as-yet unused Qu'vat, then headed to the nearest unsolved planet mission. Armus killed Kurn, then Kurak joined the first Vekma at the spaceline's far end. I had no females left, so I could not get past Matriarchal Society. Warpaw played Espionage: Federation On Klingon on his non-shared Klingon-only planet mission. His crew weathered Firestorm like it was a rainy day at the beach, put Data and T'Pan in a small Away Team, thus getting through Phased Matter, swatted the Alien Parasites, and solved the mission bringing him to 115 points total. Good game, nice and close. Final score: Warpaw 115, me 85.

Round 4Diane HainFW (+100)
I have to admit, this game I felt a bit of a bastard. In this format, the shared Red Alert function of Spacedoor is overpowered. I went first, played Kivas. Ladyslew played Wesley Crusher. In the absence of any convenient Events, I played Engineering Kit. She played Red Alert. I was still lacking Kivases and Travelers, so I flipped a Spacedoor to download a ship, to shuffle up the draw deck. (Good thing I did, those drawing cards would have taken a while to draw.) I got the Vor'Cha. Diane dumped Toby Russell, Geordi La Forge, Vekor, Billy Riker and Reg Barclay and went attempting. Reg fell victim to a Male's Love Interest and took a holiday to Krios, whose virtues as a vacation destination have been discovered before this tournament. Vekor got irreperably scorched by a Firestorm, possibly the first victim of that dilemma this tournament. (it's been a while since I wrote previous reports, I could be wrong) Phased Matter took Toby and Billy out of the attempt, but with no ship, Alien Parasites did nothing. This ended the attempt. I played Kivas, she played Espionage F on K (funky?) on her non-shared Klingon mission. I played a Traveler, she got a Nebula. I played another Kivas, she Res-Qed Vekor. Time to use the Red Alert... I dumped Nu'Daq, Kurn, Gowron, K'mpec, 2 Vekmas, Mogh, Kle'eg, Gorath, Divok, Koroth, Kurak, Engineering PADD, Medical Tricorder, and the other 2 ships, and sent everyone down to Fever Emergency. Armus killed Mogh, the Nausicaans ran away from their humiliating defeat, the Crystalline Entity gave me 5 points, and three females took me through Matriarchal Society no problem. I still had the skills in abundance to solve Fever Emergency, taking me to 40 points. I put everyone on the Vor'cha, and moved across one to Investigate Alien Probe. One of the Vekma twins was sacrificed to the Tarellians for another 5 points, but with the equipment I still had enough Medical to get through the Tsiolkovsky Infection. The other equipments discarded the Menthol Booby Trap, then I hit a Radioactive Garbage Scow. Having only used 2 Range, I towed the Scow back to Fever Emergency, put everyone on the Qu'Vat, and moved back to solve the mission. 85 points. I still had Range and crew, so I moved along one to the shared mission, Seek Life-Form. In a heartless case of deja-vu, Vekma was sacrificed to a Tarellian Plague Ship for 5 more points (90), and Kle'eg, Divok and Koroth cured the self-seeded Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease taking me to 100 points. Sharing the Red Alert seemed a bit cheaty, playing my own would have put me in danger of at least one of ladyslew's Kevin Uxbridges (undrawn at the time of my crew dump), and it didn't really seem to cost me anything. Otherwise, the deck performed exactly as it was supposed to.