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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2010-05-25 - 06:30 PM
This is the story of the 5 minute Voyager build. I should state now that I have never built a voyager deck except the default v-format Equinox that I will guess that most people have toyed around with. The day of the tournament I had happened upon a large amount of extra stuff the week before at a regional that one of the other players in our area had lefty for us to take what we wanted and had been sorting through it all day. I had always liked the idea of voyager and finding a good amount of most of the commons and 1-2 of most uncommons from that set in there I made a quick deck out of them. Now when I say quick I do mean that. I grabbed a few nice events for Chakotay to blow up to save friends like Unepected difficulties x3 and 3x Enterprise -J. Threw in 3 voyagers and 3 equinox along with 1 FOW. Then grabbed the 2 50pt Delta Quad missions and Caretakers and 2 other random missions for my crew. Then I started building 3 away teams per mission so that I had enough skills and called it done 5 minutes later. I grabbed an already built dilemma pile from a week ago and headed out.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Nothing to say I took some time to sort cards.

Round 2BajoranDominionIan ParmenterFW (+30)
Bajoran Resistance and Dominion Infiltrators march upon Janeway's crew in the Delta Quadrant?! Opening with a draw of a Voyager after pitching a card to grab my FOW I got a Chakotay and a friend out early on. Orders came and I pitched all my remaining ships except 1 Equinox that I kept in my hand for next turn. Played out the second ship next turn and some guys the third turn. Started doing Caretaker Array attempts early on with 5 peeps. Ian started rolling a bit and came for a Delta visit and scored some points by shooting at the gallery of ships. I went off to Destroy a transwarp hub on turn 8ish after 3 attempts and nothing too fancy besides 1 Revised Chakotay trick. The only plays that really affected me that my opponent made were Krajensky founder which didn't hit play until my 3rd and final go at harness Omega Particle. And a krim that had a miss calling secret ID very late in the game. Guillotine hit me on a late attempt on the planet naming Science I stripped Belanna down with a stricken dumb to walk through a dangerous climb that followed but still failed that time. The next was a costly No Kill I, costly for Ian as I auto walked my next attempt for the win after using AWC and IAMD to ensure I had full grip of Chakotay's for good measure.

Round 3TNGMatthew HayesFW (+70)
I really think that these [AU][TNG] guys must have thought we were the new Klingon warship... It was a little stressful off the bat with the first few turns Matt laid down to Maneuver cards 1 being a damage marker. I opened strong with both ships coming out and a deck thinning early on to give me a solid crew by turn 5. Caretaker's Guests knocked Kasidy Yates out for a turn and stopped the mission while 2 more dilemmas made sure it was a stopped team. 2 attempts later the team walks and heads over to to Instruct Advanced drone. First attempt reveals a Rogue Borg Ship and a Chula: Unfortunate roll which only stops one guy thanks to a Revised Chakotay in hand the team walks but with only 5 range left on the ship with 2 damage markers they sit tight til next turn. Following turn my crew of 11 takes the Equinox over to Harness Omega Particle. 4 dilemmas and 3 Chakotay tricks later the game ends with my opponent having no mission attempts.