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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-02-08 - 05:30 PM
BorgThese are no longer your men they are mine. The deck titles are starting to get way tooo long and obnoxious. Here we go with a karonofborg13-ish Borg deck name! Now lets see how many of your guys this ridiculously long named deck can grab before I win?
Another bout of Legacy proving grounds. Let's get this moving out the gate with some explanations. I went with a basic Legacy build as the linked deck shows. Walls a kill or 2 and Legacy itself. The deck itself was a steamroller of Borg efficiency that was designed to come over board and cherry pick the crew 5 times over... Using FORESIGHT as my main engine for card cycling I set out to thrash anybody with guts to take on the Borg by using their own men against them.

Round 1KlingonAllison BerhowFW (0)
First round against my wife(I should mention now I never pull a punch against her). She got screwed over on no ships til about 30 minutes into the game. By that time I had crop dusted 2 missions with fake teams. Once she got to her missions I Had a full bore of assimilation ready to cripple her. I dropped 3 Harvest drones at her HQ, shot her with a Will of the collective after beaming over some security to abduct a dude, 3 Harvest drones grabbed 3 Klingons and next turn 2 Unrelentings cherry picked a couple key skills. Legacy kept devastating her as I easily walked thru 2 35 point missions while One with the Borg a turn earlier sealed the deal.

Round 2VoyagerJody LambML (0)
After a long hiatus Jody made his return and to my delight we got a pairing tonight. He had a slow opening not playing a guy til turn 3 where already had a ship and 4 guys by then. After his third turn I grabbed his only guy with Will of the Collective and the next 2 consecutive turns I grabbed 2 more with the same effect. Following that I sent 2 guys over and started assimilating the Equinox crew. His Doctor saved Seska once but I got the Doctor and Her again. I jumped ahead with a 25 point One with the Borg. We both started going for missions and I managed to get a few under mine first and he managed to wreck my momentum with a great timing on Dreamer and the Dream ditching 2 abductions, and Queen's cube as well as a Harvest drone. I slowed him several turns with 4 consecutive Legacy's until he started to get some good luck off micro teams not showing me legacy. In the end he managed to push a final turn solve for a Mod win.

Round 3TNGMatthew HayesFW (0)View opponent's Report
A classic showdown was cut a bit short... Both me and Matt opened strong, him pulling off all 6 cadets in the first 2 turns. Me getting an early Fourth, and Foresight leading into a Queen to staff her sphere and hold an open threat of battle. He got on his Valiant quickly and managed by my dilemmas to a 1 attempt solve on the cadet mission. I built up a hefty force of Borg including 3 strength boosters and started some missions. When he got stopped at a planet I went for the kill. 4 assimilations later 3 of which hit his command star peeps he conceded.