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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-03-08 - 05:30 PM
BorgBorg Assimilation Engine v1.5
With my deck falling short the last few weeks I decided to go for a major tune up. The previous versions of my assimilation Borg were quite brutal and managed to steal a large complement of people most games, however they really couldn't push me to the threshold I needed for the win. With that in mind last night I set out to change around my strategies. Going away from heavy assimilation cards like Abduction and Will of the Collective and Reborn; I focused more in on Changed History as my engine of getting guys. I also introduced the Fifth/Energize engine into the deck. While nothing new with their natural interaction I had never considered Energize to really help Borg a lot til now. Then going with a build focused on Recurring Third and Fourth via Locutus' Borg Cube, I was pretty set on my general theme of download half my deck and then blow shit up with Call to Arms in play for bonus points. With inspiration and suggestion from the chat room on natural interaction of Care Taker's "Guests" and Changed History I started to mull out a theme for the dilemmas. STOP THEM IN SPACE. No matter what I didn't want a space mission completed and no one ever did get one. Tactical Disadvantage and Gorgan fueled the dilemmas with Prefix Codes sealing the deal after a couple accents from Hard Time and Timescape and Distress Signal. Keeping with my 2 mission choices of Plot invasion and Elude Federation Forces I equipped myself with TCS to avoid micros and Historical Research to get Third or Fourth out very early on i was happy.

Round 1DominionChris VolkFW (+45)
Honestly Chris is the one that worried me the most tonight. Playing some strength based missions and his Breen and Jem' Hadar friends he was able to sneak a quick planet in on me as I misplayed my Caretaker's "Guests" to give him the mission. As I began to force my way through my Elude Federation forces he prepared for another go at space. To my surprise he jumped over and battled me twice to score 20 points off Jem'Hadar Ambush as my guys sat waiting for another go at my Plot Invasion. Next turn I came back and battled with Precise Attack and Call to Arms to get a dude. I walked through his dilemma the following turn on a Knowledge and experience. He proceed to setup a space attempt at Restock Ketracel WHite and I threw what I could at him with Distress call. Next time he went I went all out with Timescape, Caretaker's "Guests" and Tactical Disadvantage. Stopping him Cold there I proceed to use all my resources to setup my last bonus points by playing into Maneuvers and One with the Borg. Seeing the win was guaranteed Chris picked his cards uyp as any true sportsman does and we shook after a tough game.

Round 2StarfleetMatthew HayesFW (+100)
The age old battle.... The man who despises every deck I bring... Matthew Hayes... This match up seems inevitable every week regardless of how many people arrive. We both come to the table with our best. I got the jump early one with my Historical Research download of Fifth, I opened with a nut draw of Knowledge and Experience, Quintessence, Locutus's Cube, Third, Energize and The perfect Tool. I setup my massive downloads out the gate and watched my Quintessence go away to a Grav-Plating Trap. Later on Three of Nine allowed me to recover it nicely. He saw the setup coming and held back for a solid team to help him push a solve. I spent a decent amount of time crafting my setup and pushing my Elude Federation Forces solve on him. I got Sluggo out to deal with both Lorian and A.G. Robinson. But he did have me a bit concerned as he played a Damaged Malcom me in the early game. When he finally went for a mission with he massive crew of 13 I already had 2 ships, several maneuvers and Call to Arms along with 2x Changed History and Party Atmosphere on the board. A Caretaker's "Guests", Prefix Codes and Tactical Disadvantage stopped him cold and sent Malcom away. Next turn I played my guys and moved in for the kill which included all his counters for the game and he promptly scooped on my way over.

Round 3Terok NorStarfleetMike RudolphFW (+100)
Mike's game was very similar to Matthew's in that he held back on me as I built up the massive set of events and people and ships. Same old dilemma combo's halted him with Timescape and Prefix codes holding him down as I moved in and killed his whole game with 2 shots. He admitted defeat and we shook hands as we picked up and went to report the results.