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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-03-15 - 05:30 PM
BorgBorg Assimilation Engine v1.6
The Borg fight on... Blowing ships outta the sky just isn't fun til you come again. We add a few cards and keep on trucking...

Round 1DS9Ian ParmenterFW (+65)
Ian steps up with his long living Holding Cell deck and takes a swing... I make quick work to get out some changed history and some maneuvers as my carefully designed dilemma pile does what it should. Stop em cold in space. I quickly start to assemble his entourage of people as I hand select a few with my Caretaker's "Guests" + Changed History Combo. He manages to bring back some people to his cause as he gets his second ship out and begins several repair sessions. I manage to force my way through several missions for the win.

Round 2VoyagerJody LambFL (-85)View opponent's Report
Two opponents enter the ring...The stare down beings...A Neck cracks...A growl is extruded..A Card is laid...The Battle Begins! We get down to our "chess match" as Jody so fondly calls it. He gets a lucky opener and starts with a voyager as I get a slow start and begin my setup to try and speed out my battle cards. He begins attempts 5 guys and of course we forgot about TCS on this game for some reason...silly me. I throw down some Prefix Codes and Care Takers to stop him awhile. I come out and start shooting to amass a bit of an army. He manages to force 2 missions on me before I can do much beyond collect people. I manage to destaff him by grabbing his very last Fed. Meanwhile I start my mission runs and eat a nasty helping of Tragic Turn and Friends. We rage on and I force him thru his uninviteds and get a battle with call to arms but in the end he can force his way thru the planet to get a very well earned win.

Round 3TNGMatthew HayesFW (+40)View opponent's Report
The cards ruffle...My opponent cringes...Not just from the sound of my cards which drives him batty but also as he realizes Resistance is yet again Futile...THE BORG ARE BACK FOR HIM! I start out quite slow and burn through my Energize without seeing Fifth or a download chance for her. I push on and muster a Queen's Cube and Call to arms and begin pinging his Empty Enterprise to get my Changed History guys and force him a turn or two of repairing. He starts looking with Worf at his impending doom as my draws start working more in my favor. Harvest Drones and Will of the Collective later I am sitting on seven guys as I drop a The Perfect Tool. I punch through my space mission and he punches his planet after several turns of 1 card stops. He goes for broke with the whole Band and the Horn Section in tow. 13 guys make a mad drive for his space mission to win. Bio-Neural Computer Core and Distress call later says goodbye to the brass. 16 Counters on my turn and I liquefy them into draws for my Knowledge and Experience dig. I get one and 2 Amanda Rogers to hand. For good measure I blow One with the Borg to rock me up to 110 points with only battles and a space solved. I break down into 2 teams at Salvage Borg ship and press on. I was happy to see only 2 dilemmas set down. Captains guest got 3 guys out of 9 gone and Zero Hour Popped up next and would have set me up to fail if not for that K&E I dug up. I cracked it down and sent in my second team of 6. They broke thru 1 Dark Page and solved for a glorious win in the name of the hive mind.