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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-03-22 - 05:30 PM
DominionMaquisMaquis Defiant
Trickery afoot...... I spent several days ensuring that the regular crew was under a very good impression that I was playing my Borg again. Much to my delight they all believed me...In my down time the last few nights developing a Dominion deck as I very rarely play them and wanted to use the Defiant.

Round 1RomulanMatthew HayesFW (+50)View opponent's Report
First up Matt. I had no fear about this match. I have been besting him for several weeks now and I wanted the league champion title badly so he had to get run over. He brought some enormous 125+ card romulan deck that seemed to get a few good plays out. I got early Friction on the board and shut down his speed if it really was there quite a bit. He got a nice Few Minor Difficulties naming Defiant early on. I pushed thru a mission and blew it up promptly and started to shuffle things as my boys kept on plugging away at missions with Javert Text. A few well played dilemmas stopped him just in time for the turn to come to me as time was called. I forced thru my third mission to secure the win.

Round 2StarfleetJohn WesternTT (0)
John, John john...what can I say closer than most of our games. he had a very solid Starfleet build that he borrowed from Jody.Early game 3 At What Costs with his Sight for Sore Eyes got the jump. he pressed hard at his Sphere Network and had several turns of trouble thanks to Temporal Incursions letting me pick some choice setups and recur Timescape several turns running. I had Friction wreck his day with a few plays but couldn't get Javert or Trip to Romulus out. In the end I made a last play at Honor the Fallen using the default requirements for a nice tie.

Round 3TOSJody LambFW (+25)View opponent's Report
Jody my dear friend...Why must we battle so fiercely? Oh wait that because I take no Prisoners..Unless I play Cardis at least. The TOS build was strong. I got the better off the bat with some Friction action holding off some downgrade team people. Eventually Firestorm blew away my advantage. He plugged out 2 planets and I got a late game Temporal Incursion out to nail the coffin on him. I pushed missions as he got 2 stops in a row to Personal Duty and Dal'rok tag team. incursion rocked him back and I showed no mercy.