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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Sealed
2011-02-26 - 12:00 PM
DS9DS9 Starter
My 3rd bout at a charity event and by far the funnest.

Round 1DominionKris SonstebyFL (0)View opponent's Report
Not much here. Bid the $15 to force a pair under our rules of bid for your opponent for a chance at Kris. I generally enjoy our games, but not this one. Kris steamrolled me out the gate. Several 1 attempt missions and our game was gone in the first 20 minutes.

Round 2TNGCaleb GraceFL (0)
1 and 2 costers cost me the game once again as I lost a couple batches of 3 guys.

Round 3RomulanBen JohnsonFW (0)

Round 4RomulanAndrew GoennerFW (0)