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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Andoria Regional
2011-06-25 - 01:00 PM
8 pm Friday night...Me and Ben Hosp sit down to a lackey game with my regionals deck for a test run. 6 Planets, Klingons, some Orions and a lot of Target Practice targets. I handily lost but some after game chatter gave me some good ideas with Tribunal of Q taking a hint from how good it was Ben and Seductive dance for the Orion cheats meant some late night rebuilding. Add in a treaty for some AMS action on Duckblind and I was set.

Round 1FederationBen JohnsonMW (+5)View opponent's Report
Not drawing nearly well enough off the bat did not help me at all. I had a slow start on getting Klingons out and wound up with people spread far apart. I kept digging most of the game but couldn't get down to certain mission skills and got stopped up by a few dilemmas so I never got a chance to solve anything. I blew up a ship with my manuever to score 10. George and Gracie eventually wound up at earth keeping Ben at 15. Using Target Practice I downloaded a BaH! and I scored a solid 10 to take the mod win. In all we had around 6 mission attempts with both us combined...Not a stellar start for either of us.

Round 2BorgTony CarlsonFW (+92)
My most varied game of the day came in round 2 as I blew my opponent out of the water quite handily. I got a good opening lead and several turns of free plays and card plays to get some momentum going and completed 2 early missions. At this point my opponent began to try his hand at earth. He quickly learned about be Distracted by Thoughts of his home far away as he watched "God" take out a tact cube. Seizing my opportunity I quickly sprang into action and sent my battle-force over to occupy his attention as I had a Batleth and a Disruptor in play. I got 1 kill in the first time and he went digging for another ship. Although he didn't need it yet I was not about to inform my opponent of such an oversight during a regional. He found his ship in a scout vessel that showed up so he could walk thru my last dilemma with some skill cheating from the Queen. I battled him on the surface once again to lock out his probing. He ran up to his ship and I dropped a Quite a Coincidence naming Locutus and shot down the ship for it's 5 points destroying Locutus, the Queen and his objective targeting Earth. Then while he dug for more fuel I raced down to my last 2 missions for a full win of 140 points.

Round 3BorgMatthew HayesMW (+5)View opponent's Report
Now here is the round that always takes the cake. He views me as his nemesis which sits fine with me...I started out with a mediocre hand. I grabbed Q the Ref the first turn as it was to Matt. I made 2 free plays and discarded Q for my Obelisk and grabbed a new much nicer hand. I spent several turns building up enough forces so that if he wanted to play on my playground there would be blood. Took me several turns to fight through a mission but ended up only getting one. He tried to download 7 with a Calibration drone ability at one point but was thwarted by my Obelisk of Masaka. Couple turns later he was able to push thru a major download turn and go for his Harness Particle. He bullied 1 turn clear and next turn he failed the probe after trying to setup a handshake rig. next turn I knew he had it so I suspended for a Juggler and hoped it would change the probe to something nasty. He still got his objective on the probe and his 30 points. I still had 35 and time ended there so I tried for a push on my differential and failed as my whole away team bit it.