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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-02-22 - 05:30 PM
BorgBorg Assimilation Engine v1.2.a
As usual my push towards Borg greatness fell short but several annoyed or infuriated opponents eased my pain. I ran with another version of my Borg deck that I have been prepping for regionals.

Round 1Non-AlignedMatthew HayesMW (0)
Matt has shall we say a strong dislike for any deck I play. Today was no exception. He lost 4 guys to me in a single turn and a fifth followed soon after. I pulled out the mod win quite easily as he saw no ships until after I had already scored my mission.

Round 2VoyagerJody LambFL (0)
Jody and me always have strong games, very few moments where we feel we didn't try our best. He got a strong team of 4 out of the gate before I had my ship staffed and prepped. Several turns of fighting back and forth before I stole 5 dudes including his Doctor. I got the loss from a miscalculation on a 3 man team thanks to Biological Distinctiveness.

Round 3BorgMike RudolphFL (0)
A hard fought game. I dont remember much beyond getting a loss thanks to him walking through a dilemma with ascertain.