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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Andoria Regional
2011-04-02 - 12:00 PM
BorgBorg Assimilation 2.0
Not as well as I hoped for turnout or performance on my end. We settled on 4 rounds and no objections to me playing as TD. Even though I claimed I wasn't playing Borg I went with a new build of it after all. Misdirection is effective and keeps people guessing.

Round 1FerengiKeith MorrisML (0)View opponent's Report
More assimilation based than battle this was a bad match for me in terms of strat. I pushed at missions early as I couldn't get my key stuff. I watched him use something close to 30 counters during a turn at least once. I pushed for 1 mission early for a easy solve and interlinked to my queen when he pulled a caretaker's guest. I used some interlink to keep my deck low and recycle key cards. Last turn I had him by 25 points with 1 card in his deck after I interlinked mine, to my dismay he could use 7 counters without drawing and solved for a mod win.

Round 2Terok NorMaquisAllison BerhowFL (0)
I had a good thing going against my wife for several turns running but couldn't keep things up. I solved early on both my staple mission but couldn't grab a guy to save my life really. She pushed a second mission the turn after I came up with only 14 skills on TCS and forgot she had the extra 5 from her Odo and it cost me the game.

Round 3ByeBY (0)

Round 4TNGMatthewScott DaleFW (0)
A steamroll match as one turn after another with his missions I had 1 dilemma stop him. I started my routine of Back to Basics and interlink. I used K&E around 4 or 5 times and walked thru every mission.