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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 1E Revised
2011-03-26 - 03:00 PM
BorgBorg 1.2
So my first tournament with a real Borg deck and my Achievement of One With the Borg is Sealed! I went with a Tribble side deck and Battle Bridge to hope and frustrate certain players.

Round 1VidiianChris VolkML (-70)
I took a small loss as both of us got locked at our first mission. Him with no ships and me with locking on dilemmas. He got locked several turns on my Oh NO! He forced a single mission for a timed win.

Round 2StarfleetAllison BerhowFW (+100)
Not much here my wife wasn't feeling good and tapped out early as she wasn't up to playing much.

Round 3KazonMatthew HayesFL (-75)View opponent's Report
A bit of a power struggle here. My Tribbles did a stop or 2 late game. I did a lot of downloads and free plays to keep my hand low to keep his Holmes out of comission. He Easily made it past my poor dilemma combos and toasted me. i am learning though and getting more to hope and press further each time.