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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-03-27 - 12:30 PM
BorgBorg v1.7
Sunday showdown time folks! I wanted to squeeze in another gig prior to our regionals and this was it. I had hoped for a better turnout but I was happy to have enough to keep it sanctioned.

Round 1BajoranAllison BerhowFW (0)
I got up early to do a bit of an overhaul on Allison's dilemma pile and as such gave her a bit more of a chance than last time. She got a real slow start with no ships for several turns as I got my event setup going and started forcing into my missions. By the time she started hers she was plowing through them. She Auto walked the first due to skill redundancy(I really need to stop building her decks this way), but I at leats got a Caretaker's setup going for my Changed History next turn. With a new guy in my possession I went to force my way through a Legacy with good old fashioned K&E tech(which is by the way the cheesiest dilemma cheating in the game). She easily got her next 2 missions to put her at 100 points but thanks to a Casual Recursion in my dilemma stack she didn't win. I quickly forced my other mission and got some nice Call to Arms points for a win.

Round 2KlingonJody LambML (0)View opponent's Report
I knew Jody would probably try a decent battle deck between now and regionals. So I cannot say I was surprised at all. He pushed an early first mission to gain a lead. I got some quick points with Queen's Cube as he hid at home. He soon shutdown the Queen's Cube with A Few Minor Difficulties. I shut down the Delta quad klingon ship quite soon after with my own event. I came back a few turns later to Two of Nine his event to get my ship back online and steal Alexander Rozhenko off the top(a very nice catch indeed). Now he had Kruge out which forced me to hold back some on my mission teams. I had Enough out to staff 2 ships and drop his range by 4 with 2 hits so he was waiting for more ships. It was a good stale mate with me pressing several turns on my planet due to Uninvited(soooooo good BTW). Finally I pressed through as time came closing in and his Weirdly spelled challenge bonus points gave him a good edge. I tried to press my final mission and couldn't score the mod win. he pressed for a full but Tactical Disadvantage was my all-star once more.

Round 3TNGJohn WesternFW (0)
John called me early in the day and asked if I had a simple solver deck he could use as he wasn't up to shennanigans. Well normally I wouldn't have one around and I didn't but I knew after last night there was a good chance my tournament wouldn't fire if he didn't play so I quickly whipped up a TNG Tough skeleton that I am gonna revisit soon for the achieve. So with that in mind I decided to go a bit lax than my normal tactics to start as he didn't really know the deck. I got my usual event setup going and started at my first mission but he stopped me and solved his own with 2 teams. I was able to send in a ship to steal a Caretaker's Setup guy with changed. He started pressing his next as I stripped him of 2 key skills to hold him at bay. Next turn I drew into all 3 K&E and Turbo walked thru his dilemmas at my first with 2 of em. Next turn I forced the next mission and shot him a bit for the remai9ning points.