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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-03-29 - 05:30 PM
CardassianTOSCapture Me Once More
New idea came to me last night. What happens when Garth of Izar joins forces with Evek and OT kirk. Well the answer is a whole new ball game. Cardi Capture has become a new deck for me. I have played it extensively before but this new twist adds so many new options.

Round 1Chris VolkFW (0)
TOS vs TOS/Cardi? Awesome match. He started out earlier getting a good number of peeps and a ship. I started setting up events. I got some captives and started killing people off with Infection. The details are blurred abit. He went and decked himself with Josephs and I held onto my Mirror darkly and decked us when I hit 90 pts for a full win.

Round 2DominionMatthew HayesFW (0)View opponent's Report
I am his nemesis and he my scorn. He hates every deck I play but I felt we did very well against each other today. I had good early setup and sent Valeris in for Rescue captives and whiffed. I got Odo and 2 friends with an early Evek and killed off 1 for nuking his Lone Distant Exploration. I scored early 30 points off 2x Prison Compound and went to town getting guys. I scored 2 quite easy missions as he fought thru my captive tricks giving me a full win.

Round 3StarfleetJody LambFL (0)View opponent's Report
I got totally screwed by my deck among other things. No Pscho Pressures til my last turn. I pressed several attempts but got destaffed early. Jody had some equally bad luck with me stripping out a Samuels and not seeing another til his deck was nearly gone. He had the skills though to push his missions to the end.