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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Virtual
2011-06-11 - 11:00 AM
BorgBorg 5.0 Virtual
Well my first tournament since the latest erratta for me so I thought I should try out some Tragic action. I went with a bit of a different build focusing on some 40 pt missions that were easy and making a gamble that maybe completing missions in all 3 quadrants might e an achievement but alas wasn't. Although my opponents were none too happy about Tragic Turn being virtual legal.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Well I got the opening bye. Gave me some time to have the cards for the next tourney ready to go as I planned for pretty much the same build give or take as I hoped playing Borg 25 times would be aqn achieve but it wasn't so there goes my glory...

Round 2StarfleetMatthew HayesFW (0)
As usual Matt was not happy to see my Borg yet he expects it as I was only 2 away from 25. I got a fast opening attempting on only the second turn. I pushed thru several hard attempts to secure a win and slaughtered a Damaged Archer and numerous SF personnel along the way. Uninvited is soooo good it's just not funny BTW.

Round 3Mike RudolphFW (0)
Not much goes here besides killing lots of Jem Hadar death as Borg push thru.