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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-06-18 - 04:00 PM
DominionDomion Vorta 1.0
We were originally going to cancel this but decided at the last minute to postpone til later in the day so we could still have a tournament. That being said I had no deck ready at the start of the day and wound up throwing together the deck the last minute. I decided to run something new for me and went with a straight Dominion build. Conclusions drawn from this: People need to stop interrupts and events. There is no choice if you want to compete you need to have answers some how. I have ran the same dilemma pile with 1 or 2 changes for about 4-5 tourneys which I have all won and cannot see why people don't play to stop it.

Round 1Allison BerhowMW (0)
Very close game even from the start. She was off early at Caretakers but took several turns to solve. Much to my delight once I was out attempting I had a good 4 dilemmas under when I finished my attempts at my space for the 40 points from the Tables I had in play. It was late a quick approaching time as she got her 2nd mission putting her at 45 to my 40. I pushed for playing the defiant on my last turn and sent 2 dilemmas over and took the mission with 4 guys after a single stop from her.

Round 2FerengiMatthew HayesMW (0)
Another classic clash. The Ferengi fail to cut a deal with the Dominion. I went out straight away and got 4 under rather quickly. He pressed his 40 points in space but stopped for a few turns. Late on his attempts I blew a Uninvited to get Bold Plan but couldn't stop him except that I nuked his only Treach but didn't know that at the time. Next turn with both my other uninvirted in hand I decided to give him the mission and hold them for his planet to find out he had to dig for treach. He came up with Croden next turn to solve and went for his planets. I used some uninvited's to keep timescape going to stop the double team and got my second mission pretty easy but couldn't manage a 3rd.

Round 3John WesternFW (0)
This round I got my Hollow Pleasantries off the bat and quickly got 4 under my space to solve easily. he got stopped up in space twice by my Infiltration dilemma to get me some free donwloads and plays of the founders. I pressed all my dilemmas to a planet and attempted the other which I easily solved along with my 3rd for a win.