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Jerad Berhow (Jerad)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-06-11 - 02:30 PM
BorgBorg 5.0
Making a few changes I kept pretty much the same deck figuring they would expect as much and hoped they had an answer... Alas not really.

Round 1TNGMatthewScott DaleFW (+50)
What can I say the kids got game and persistance. Truth be told I would have lost if I wasn't able to bluff some univited action at a few points. Someday I may have to show him how to read a bluff and maybe join a pokergame with me once he can. I made some big missed calls on skill tracking which cost me the first mission. He kept going with a solid team that I was able to hold at bay since Kirk was his only honor to help his second mission and I pulled it off in the nick of time to not lose it.

Round 2Non-AlignedChris VolkFW (+100)
Some bad draws had Chris down for most of the game. His only astrometrics kept getting sniped by my dilemmas. My guys were out doing missions fast and he was the only one to get assimilated all day...very uncharacteristic of me I should add. i was out doing missions by turn 3 and barrelled through a few miss calculations on his part. I allowed a replay when he realzied my mission was worth 50 even though I only get 35. Even then I was pretty set with 2 teams attempting 2 missions at the same time.

Round 3StarfleetMike RudolphFL (-65)
Well this started bad for mike as turn 3 I took a mission because of his missed skill tracking. I took an easy 40 points and went down hill. He had some great teams and slugged through my dilemma pile of death. Univited couldn't come soon enough and I got 1 turn less than I needed to stop him...