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Brian Sykes (Armus)
Tournament Report - 1E - Trek Masters
2019-03-03 - 10:45 AM
VulcanBluegill Department of Temporal Incursions

Round 1KCAAustin ChandlerMW (+15)
My first round game against Austin was actually my toughest game of the day because I couldn't easily get to Austin to shoot at him. At one point early on he brought Regency One to the Alpha Quadrant looking to pick a fight but he ended up thinking better of it and retreating to the Mirror Quadrant to work on missions.

My first crew in space got hit with a Cytherians and the follow on crew didn't have any engineer to tow a scow. My first crew cashed the Cytherians then started working on the closest space mission. I stopped for DNA clues which paid off in the form of a free Plague Ship and I ran into another scow but was able to tow it and solve next turn.

Meanwhile, Austin made pretty short work of my New Game + Combo Scow combo by playing Renewed Spirit. In Space, things don't go much better as I pick Mr. Sisko with Personal Duty which gets him past Friendly Fire. Fortunately Cyrus Ramsey stops him. On his next turn he has both ships there and reattempts and I swap in The Whale Probe which brings him to a screeching halt and buys me a critical turn. I use that turn to finally move the scow and solve my first space mission, taking me to 90.

On Austin's last turn time is called and Austin solves his space mission, taking him to 75 and stopping one of his 2 ships to Mission Debriefing. This is critical because he takes his other two ships through the wormhole and attempts Jerrado. First dilemma is Buried Alive, which stops him. He brings more people and his other ship and reattempts and hits Cytherians, which also stops him. This allows me to hang on to a very close 90-75 win.

Round 2StarfleetVulcanMichael Van BreemenMW (+80)

Round 3StarfleetPhil SchraderFW (+100)
After two knock down drag out games, I was feeling a bit strained. I sit down across from Phil and he's playing MACOs. We start seeding missions and I get Earth down before he gets Luna down so his base is right in the middle of my missions with his two other planet missions on the end to my left and all three of his space missions on the other end to my right. I set up the Buried Alive/ Cytherians/ Dead End combo at Luna in order to force him to go through my territory to get to his missions. This turns out to be the winning move.

Phil goes first and plays MACO to get 3 people, plays another for free to the time location, and uses Defend Homeworld to get Forrest, who grabs the Enterprise on my first turn. For my first turn I download the D'kyr, play some people to Shi'kar, and play Ready Room Door from my hand to download Reed Alert and use it to download T'Mik to the D'kyr so I can at least shoot at Phil. On his turn 2 he plays MACO again and more free people and a free Shuttlepod One. He attempts Luna and Buried Alive ends his attempt, though it doesn't stop him since I don't have Mission Debriefing out yet - did I mention it was turn TWO? So Phil puts some schlep on Shuttlepod One and reattempts into Cytherians, and off goes Shuttlepod One. Finally, Phil puts more people on Enterprise and reattempts into my Dead End.

On my turn I play a scheme between two of his space missions and download Sedis and the Sh'ran, play some more people, and battle Phil. Even without Captain's Log I'm able to hit with my tactic bonus and damage Enterprise. I then unstop my ship with Make it So and re-attack, destroying it.

On Phil's turn he plays the Sarajevo, downloads Emory Erickson, and flies 9 span to the one planet mission he can reach. He beams down everyone and attempts, which was a mistake, as I put my Jol'Yichu combo there, killing two and stopping him. On my turn I take out the Sarajevo, and with no usable ships and no way to solve the mission he's at, Phil taps out rather than sit there while I work my way through missions. This gives us both a needed mental break and we grab some food and beverages from the kitchen. FW 100-0

Round 4FederationLucas ThompsonFW (+100)View opponent's Report
In the final against Lucas I made a player move by putting Dead End at the far end of the space line to force him my way. He thought it was a Cytherians combo and played Genesis Effect to try to get around it. He kept close to his outpost and I couldn't get a clean shot at his USS Enterprise, though I did take out his USS Galaxy. At his planet mission, I swapped in DNP for In the Pale Moonlight because he had a large team that included Nicholai Rozhenko and killed enough people that he couldn't pass Scientific Method. He went to space and I hit him with Personal Duty + Friendly Fire. Once that ticked down he couldn't pass Cyrus Ramsey and after I Quinned his Isomagnetic Disintegrator there wasn't much else he could do.

On my end, I worked my way through YGII + Rules of Obedience + Medical Crisis at Vulcan only to hit a Dead End. I switched to Earth and worked through New Essentialists (first time through I had EXACTLY 40 Integrity. Grrr. :x ) + Lethean Telepathic Attack (which stopped me) + Jol'Yichu, which I prepped for by having Sedis + rando on the Sh'ran going in. I left my temporal agents on Vulcan and went to Space, where I played Genesis Effect, naming Cytherians because I didn't want to lose a crew from Lucas Containment duty. I had two crews there so I made sure I was prepped for Gomtuu and attempted and got stopped by Cyrus Ramsey. I unstopped with Make it So, swapped in a second Sedis for another rando, and reattempted using V'Tal to [DL] Vulcan Mindmeld to give me a third Transporter Skill. Next dilemma was Ankari Spirits, which Sedis x2 + Mindmelded V'Tal also got past, and last dilemma was in fact Cytherians, which Genesis Effect nuked. This allowed me to time travel some more randos from ShiKar to Vulcan, sacrifice one to YGII, and solve for the win.