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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 1E - Trek Masters
2019-03-03 - 10:45 AM
FederationNostalgia 2: The Second Part
Taco Bell is true 1E food.

Round 1Non-AlignedDocJediFW (+100)
Bret was still learning his deck this round, but picked it up pretty quickly. He was playing a TNG War Council/Followers of the One deck with Let's See What's Out there as the primary play engine which got moving pretty quickly. My dilemmas did a good job of requiring skills he'd draw a turn too late though, and I was able to take the lead and hit the two mission win.

Round 2RomulanStarfleetMark PannaFW (+35)
In this game, I drew through my entire deck... twice. Mark's Raptors kept me pinned down, and when I ventured forth he blew up both the Enterprise and the Galaxy. On the second time through, though, the Enterprise managed to survive an assault due to Guinan boosting Captain's Log (and my random tactics), and that helped. I did need to do three missions this round, but nailing a Edo Probe with Genesis Effect took some of the sting out.

Round 3MaquisKCARobin Honeycutt FW (+100)View opponent's Report
Robin's KCA deck was brutally efficient, and if he hadn't tripped an Emergent Life Form right next to the wormhole with his entire crew, I don't think I would have won this one. He, too, Edo Probed me, and was tactically avoiding solving his own missions (while still clearing out dilemmas), with the plan of swooping in and solving them all in one shot (so that Edo wouldn't go away). While the Regency 1 was achieving sentience, though, I had time to hit the two mission win.

Round 4VulcanBrian SykesFL (-100)View opponent's Report
I've been experimenting with tactical mission placement, in order to keep my most important missions together, and the experiment was a total failure in this game. It didn't help that my most important missions were isolated at one end of the spaceline, and I named the wrong dilemma (Cytherians instead of Dead End) with Genesis. Brian's Vulcan armada kept me isolated in one corner of the spaceline, and even Guinan couldn't save me when he Quinned my Isomagnetic Disintegrator. This deck could probably use another range booster (like a Transwarp Conduit) in order to blow past armadas and get those juicy missions on the other side.

Closing Thoughts
Edit: I can't remember what game I started doing it in, but I started calling Calloway and Amarie my "vacation specialists" which amused me and my opponents. "I bet you're wondering why I called you two here. Starfleet has a very important mission for you, one that is absolutely essential to our work in this quadrant. We need you to go... on vacation"