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Niall Matthew (sexecutioner)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Day One
2019-08-09 - 10:00 AM
DominionThe Gamma Goo Girls
So I spent months fine tuning and altering my classic Dominion solver/battle hybrid. I added Mission II's to get to the Delta Quadrant just in case I faced one of Slaby's classics. I went for a two mission win: Internment Operations and Diplomatic Conference, with the ability to get bonus points through Training Ring and Ultimatum. I designed the deck to take on Kazon fleets and Borg Cubes. Over 100 test draws brought the perfect hand every time; At least one Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Obedience Brings Victory, and the occasional bonus of a Founder. Time to play....

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Beer. Lots of Beer

Round 2FederationJohannes KlarhauserFL (-100)
No Vorta or Jem'Hadar in hand with both my White downloads in opening hand. Gutted, but it happens. It crippled my deck and Johannes got the win. I remember he used a TOS guys SD of Incoming Message to stop a Friendly Fire from hitting. I managed to take out a ship eventually, and clear Internment in one go, but unable to solve. Next turn I would've got at least one mission, with Training Ring and Ultimatum points

Round 3KlingonKCAPaddy TyeFL (-55)
No Vorta or Jem'Hadar in hand, with both Whites in the opening hand. Twice in a row. Starting to get a bit disheartened, as once again, my opponents smashes the win with no way for me to catch up.

Round 4KlingonGerald SieberML (-18)
I got a Jem'Hadar, but no Vorta or Obedience Brings Victory, one White in opening hand. Slightly quicker, but I didn't stand a chance against the Generically Enhanced Gerald. He was playing a fun IKS Kladius hunter deck.

Round 5ByeBY (0)
Bye. a well needed beer to drown my sorrows

Closing Thoughts
Very sad that fate chose to give me the worst hands possible three times in a row after months of deck preparation. My opponents deserved a better match, rather than just me sitting there doing bugger all for the first 3/4 turns. The opponents did play well though. I finally cheered up after round one of Beermeister... (report to follow)