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Greg Dillon (Latok)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Day One
2019-08-09 - 10:00 AM
Federation1E Worlds 2019 Day 1
I went with TOS as a simple, fast deck for Day 1. I had Earth for some battle protection and as a double up for First Contact Borg. I didn't have as many tricks as some other TOS players, like Admiral Riker, Guinan or any mirror TOS people. I probably should've used the space mission that can only have one ship battle at it as well.

Round 1BajoranPeter LudwigFL (-56)
Defend Homeworld drop. I should've seen this coming but lack of experience got me. He downloaded Defend Homeworld again after already using it, against a Fed player... He made a nice Bitter Medicine call to get the Chula dilemma to work against Pike buffed people. I solved one mission and cleared another with a third down to one dilemma but Peter only needs a single turn to solve probably all of his missions with that many people and ships in play. I think I had 5 turns and Peter had 6.

Round 2BorgJorn EngstromFW (+100)
Jorn's deck did not fire, said he was building it until 4am and it showed. He didn't staff the cube until the third turn, built an outpost on the 4th turn, then I won on my 5th.

Round 3RomulanJon CarterFW (+14)View opponent's Report
Jon made 1.5 game losing mistakes in this one. He had the skills to pass Rules of Obedience as the last dilemma at Romulus his third mission but didn't see it. He also probably could've stolen Earth because I had cleared it to a Dead End on my turn leading in to his double and he had Selok in play. McCoy against a Med combo and triggering Friendly Fire just before Jon got his double turn ended up winning this game, plus his mistakes. I think I won on my 6th, Jon also had 6 because of double turn.

Round 4Non-AlignedHirogenStefan SlabyFW (+100)
Stefan clearly got bad draws here, one handshake discarded 5 others in his third turn. My opening hand wasn't great with my 2 first turn downloads but after that it went smooth. McCoy for Cyrus Ramsey twice and equipment for some other dilemmas, pretty clean. I think I won on my 5th turn here as well, went first.

Round 5KlingonFederationMeinhard S. RohrFW (+56)
Rohr's ships were quite scary the whole game, with my short span missions he could get to anywhere in the AQ from the wormhole. Emergency Evac and Earth won the game. If there was a game to draw my Fire Sculptor this was it, to bad. I went first, second turn triggered Linguistic Legerdemain. I lost 4 people to Denevan's but cleared Earth with Dead End as the final dilemma in the third turn. Lost another 5 people to Denevan's and cleared Amerind but didn't solve because of missing skills on the fourth turn. He blew up the Enterprise on his fourth turn with Regency 1, T'Ong and Tsunkatse ship but everyone was saved eith Emergency Evacuation from the Constellation safe at Earth. I had to chill at Earth with two ships on the fifth turn because of range issues and solved all three missions 6th turn. He also discarded Anij for Mining early on which could've nullified my Escape Pod, I probably would've beamed down instead of relying on Emergency Evac though. It would've been interesting to see if he went for the personnel battle and how many he could mortally wound.

Closing Thoughts
In my last three games I used the full BS of TOS downloads to pass dilemmas, Peter's deck/dilemma strategy didn't provide an oppurtunity for it. I forgot to use Risk is Our Business for all of my 15 attempts throughout the day.