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Maggie Geppert (jadziadax8)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Day One
2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
TNGHelping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV
I wore the spots today along with my Trill Triumphant shirt. Much like with NACC, I wanted to have fun and play a good deck that I knew well. I settled on TNG DipHoLe as my choice. This deck uses New Life and Disadvantage Into Advantage to have a huge card advantage over my opponent. I was anticipating Cardie shenanigans, so I put in Swashbuckler at Heart x2 and Jellico.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
I was wearing shorts, so meant to finish drawing the spots all the way down during my Earned Bye, but got distracted.

Round 2CardassianMatthias WellerFW (+65)
I got a God Hand this round - Spock, Lwaxana and a Disadvantage Into Advantage. I used Spock to download Picard, but on reflection I should have downloaded Jellico because he would have helped against Matthias’ Cardassians. I got out fast and managed to get Investigate Maquis Activity done pretty quickly and moved onto Investigate Destruction. Matthias struggled to get done with his first GQ mission, even though he had The Die Is Cast out. I think during this game I got Sumek out late game. On my last attempt at Ba’ku Planet, I sent down 9, he threw down Nothing to Lose, I discarded Sumek to win the game.

Round 3RomulanGreg DillonFL (-95)View opponent's Report
I apparently used up all my luck on the God Hand last round. Greg was playing Romulan assassin/TR-119 Rifle lockout. Basically, he killed all my personnel either by dilemmas or the Rifle. He then decked me out and used P&P to score 5 points each round. He then decked himself out for the full win.

Round 4TNGJosef LembergerFW (+45)
Yes! Josef had been baiting me all weekend and we finally got to play. He was playing TNG Science/Cunning with Lore, Data and Barclay. He was also using DIA and New Life. I got a good opening hand and got out early with DIA x2 and New Life. He also had one DIA and New Life, meaning that each of us drew 3 cards on our own attempts and 1 on our opponent’s attempts. Bananas! I believe I attempted IMA first and got stopped with a couple of dilemmas underneath. Josef attempted his first space mission. I threw Outclassed, forgetting he had played Kirk. He Kirked it and then realized he forgot to bring Science. So, my tactical error was canceled out by his. I worked my was through IMA and moved over to Investigate Destruction. Geordi was clutch because he allowed me to move my single ship over there on the turn I completed IMA. I attempted once and was stopped. On my 2nd attempt Josef tried to get tricky. He threw Nothing to Lose, which I countered with Bridge Officer’s Test. Time was called as I finished Investigate Destruction. I had enough range to pick up everyone at HQ and move 17 people over to Ba’ku Planet. Upon see That I had 17 people, Josef graciously conceded so that we wouldn’t hold up the tournament.

Round 5RomulanTjark OttML (-15)
I honestly don’t remember a lot about this game. I do remember that TJ is a great guy. I know he was playing a pretty standard GUYS/P&P deck. I believe we each had a space and a planet finished when time was called. He had more bonus points than I did. I went 2nd and attempted Ba’ku Planet twice, but he held me off and got the MW.

Round 6RomulanSebastian KirsteinFW (+25)
I was pleased to get paired with Seppel this round because I wanted to remember a game against him. I played through the normal script. Yet again BoT saved my bacon against Nothing to Lose on my final attempt of Ba’ku Planet.

Round 7Missed GameMG (0)
With a 4-2 record, I decided to drop to play Aberdeen Anarchy.

Closing Thoughts
What a fantastic day of Trek! I played against so many great opponents today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Julius for being such a wonderful and dedicated host. I hope that I will see many of these people again in the future.