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Benjamin Liebich (monty42)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Day One
2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
KlingonAnd force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities derive v3.5
I expected a lot of fast solvers for day one. Mostly Cardassians making full use of TCC and TEOME. I also had a haunting suspicion we might see a pretty nasty dual HQ Terra Prime deck that we saw in playtesting but since it seemed to be quite hit and miss, apparently people opted against it. My tech against Cardies was the kill pile. It is pretty effective in rendering most of their tools useless. TCC won't help you and TEOME offers little help when most of your people get killed. My tech against TP was the Klingon battle deck. It faces little to no dilemmas which works great against TP because they don't get their shit into your core.

Round 1DominionJohannes MetteFL (-65)
This was the third world championship in succession that Johannes and I attended and got paired in the first round! It happened in London, it happened in Orlando and it happened here. I want an achievement for that! There's not much to say about this game. He got two Spiteful Strategies out very early in the game which completely fucked me over. I dropped all attempts at battling at that point and just went and tried to solve missions but it's really not what this deck is designed to do so I came up short.

Round 2CardassianStefan SlabyFL (-85)
Well, you lose the first round and most likely get easier opponents, right? Fuck me! Steve has a lot of experience playing battle decks and thus knows exactly what to do to play around them. I think I only managed to battle one of his away teams once in this entire game. For me the highlight of the game was me being the one holding a captive for most of the game (snagged away Crell Moset with Inequitable Exchange) while Steve's Evek whiffed on events and ships and he wasn't able to get anyone else.

Round 3BorgMichael AlbrechtFW (+25)
Two losses in a row and at this point I started to get a little desperate. Two of Mike's crews got obliterated by my kill pile which left an empty sphere in the open for me to keep battling. A terrible string of bad luck saw Mike trying The New Resistance multiple times but continously bumping into events.

Round 4CardassianNerdopolis PrimeFW (+65)
Nerdo didn't have any experience playing against battle decks. He ventured out to an early space attempt which saw about half of his crew succumb to my kill pile. The rest of them got all-out wared into oblivion courtesy of an early Klaa. It took him a while to rebuild his forces while I used his empty ship to keep on battling for bonus points and overcome dilemmas. Funny enough he probably had more fun than I did, seeing what the battle deck can do in action.

Round 5TNGJosef LembergerFL (-75)
I made a crucial error in this game! I enjoyed my conversation with Josef and the banter that we had going so much, that I didn't realize he was going for a 2-mission win. For some reason it never occurred to me until it was too late. As far as I remeber I had his USS Excelsior destaffed at a mission and was just using it for target practice whilst amassing dilemmas with Delta Pavonis and Ja'chuq. He didn't play Alpha 5 so I was just waiting for both delta and Khitomer to have 4 dilemmas under which I had finally set up. It would have been an auto-win for me on my next turn which I never got. I gave him a single dilemma at his second mission which he Kirked and then bonus-pointed his way to the win.

Round 6DS9Justin FordFL (-80)
I remeber very little about this game. Justin barfed out a shitload of personnel early. Quite a bit more than I could reliably kill. I remember digging the entire game for No Peace In Our Time but it didn't come until very very late. As far as I remember he just flat out outpaced me.

Round 7Stefan PerauFW (+100)
Usually in every big tournament you have that one game where everything works just perfect. This was that game for me. Stefan was playing a modified Jager Bomb. He managed the Jaresh download quite early but fortunately I was able to kill most of his high costers at the first attempt. Thanks to Guinan I was able to All-Out War on the next turn leaving his Sao Paulo destaffed. I kept battling using Delta, Kerla and Ja'chuq to full extent, then swooped up my two free missions for the FW.

Closing Thoughts
I didn't perform at my best. Too much beer and too little sleep led to a lot of tiny mistakes. I streamlined the deck down to 56 cards but in turn dropped my E/I prevention which in hindsight seems to have been the wrong call.