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Greg Dillon (Latok)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Day One
2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
Romulan2E Worlds 2019 Day 1

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)

Round 2Earned ByeEB (+100)

Round 3TNGMaggie GeppertFW (+95)View opponent's Report
Maggie was playing a small solver with extra draws, perfect. She didn't get a particularly good hand so started a little slow, didn't matter much I played Imperial Entanglements at the first attempt and destaffed her. Then by the time she got enough people and another ship to attempt again I didn't need Imperial Entanglements. I killed enough in that attempt that combined with TR-116 for the previous few turns I brought her below 6 people in play/hand/deck. Then Maggie decided to watch me for 18 turns trying not to deck out before I got to 100 with P&P.

Round 4CardassianKenneth TuftsML (-60)
Ken did the smart play and waited, building up a lot of forces with an ETU to protect from TR-116. He got two missions done in one turn with uber stat people. A few turns later he got one more failed attempt in before he ran out of people in play/hand/deck. Then my people were to shit to solve even one mission let alone two in the last 8 minutes, I can't remember exactly but I may have discarded Power Shift or not gotten P&P out so without boosts it was rough going.

Round 5RomulanSebastian KirsteinTT (0)
I was able to get Reprimands in time to counter GUYS and kill Senators/Praetors wih TR-116 to keep his bonus points to the same as mine. Unfortunately that meant I wasn't able to stop the Tacking that prevented him from decking out.

Round 6DominionMartin FelberMW (+20)
Martin was playing ETU as well and even though I had Self-Sealing Stem Bolts he went with the big brain play of not getting a ship so he managed to build up a fair amount before I used Tal'aura and the TR-116 to start killing people. After that forced him off the HQ he tried to get a space mission done and was determined to not let Parallel Course trigger so he got 7 dilemmas under and had 3 ships destaffed at it at the end of the game, Secret Conspiracy came in big to win this one.

Round 7DS9Justin FordFW (+100)
Justin also had a slim solver. He barfed out people but had no kill prevention not on personnel so Dereliction and I destaffed him at the first attempt. He played the Xhosa, I played A Few Minor Difficulties he lost everyone on the second and last attempt and to TR-116.