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Suden Käpälä (SudenKapala)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Side Event
2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
FederationWorlds`19: Ultra Amnesiac Reflections Starting Decks, Too.
Since this is my first-ever public 'mission report', this one is going to be a bit long. First off, a few notes about me and my participation in Worlds 2019. I already thought of attending last year's Worlds (in the UK) and the previous Kaiserfest, but that didn't work out. Now I really wanted to be present for at least one World Championships bout, so I was glad that Latro was willing to make the journey with me. Initially -- given my experiences in casual games and reading about tournaments on the foum -- I was certain that I wouldn't want to join any event myself. I thought I'd be happy just to be a spectator. Not that I didn't want to experience a tourney; I was afraid that I was too new at Organised Play to not be in anybody's hair. But in the week running up to our departure, people on the boards asked if I'd join; and when I voiced my doubts, they waylaid them. So I got enthusiastic about it, and the idea grew on me. Even the horror (for me) of building a deck from scratch in only a few hours' time (or less), started to weigh less than the possibility of playing against new opponents from all-over, and getting an 'official standing' on the website (I had been getting curious about achievements, rating, and the tourney registration system), and... getting so many new cards and playing with them. A number of people told me that the TNG Sealed event would be easiest to get into the fray with (and they were right). So I pre-registered for that. But since the Reflections sealed event would only contain Traditional cards, that, too, appealed to me. To try to keep the delays due to my inexperience to a minimum, I really had to "overclock" my brain -- both during construction (for notes on the decks: see the respective deck lists) as well as the actual gameplay. That means that I had some starting headaches, and it was quite a stressfull handful of days for me. But I knew that in advance, and I have not at all regretted any of it! It was awesome. On the other side of the table, concessions were quite probably made, too. People were patient and helpful with both me and Latro (who was even more novice at this than I am -- but that might balance out better for him because he's a more of a relaxed kind of person).

Round 1Paddy TyeFW (+40)
Paddy's Conundrum affected my loaded, big boat (I think it was Qu'Vat). That was not funny! Sometime later, a org Ship dilemma destroyed my red-shirting boat (which was fine -- that was what it was for); and I had to send Deanna with her USS Nebula to the farthest planet by Mamam Picard (also OK, since I had seen it was there -- perhaps with Preparation). Still -- that is, despite Conundrum effectively keeping my main crew busy -- I was able to come back somehow with enough new, skill-laden personnel to get things done. Details: results for me +4 victory points (VP), 100-60 points, +40 differential; duration -- according to my hazy notes -- 1h30m (thus with an extension, perhaps for us newcomers?); Padd started the game.

Round 2FederationLatroFW (+100)
Again, I earned the Satellite with the Betazoid Box. The game went really well on my side. Latro did not draw any ships for the longest time (perhaps even the whole game), so destiny favoured me a bit too well. Naturally, I helped out where I could -- but of course I couldn't conjure up ships for him. In a sense, I was a bit disappointed bing paired to my travel companion -- I have played him often, and hopefully more often will, still; I had hoped to face as many new opponents as possible. But of course, this is how the games work, and it was nice to chat and see him at work in a totally different environment than we're used to. Details: results for me +4 VP, 100-0, +100 differential; duration 65m; Suden started the game.

Round 3Jorn EngstromFL (-100)
This game went less smooth on my side. I did attempt a first mission, but did not solve it, I think...? No, actually, I did try two missions, but I got stuck on the dilemmas. That's about all I can remember of the practical side. After Paddy (who guided me a bit) and Latro (whom I lent a hand), I now faced Admiral Mogh from Sweden (I love Scandinavia!). Jörg preferred a slightly tighter game environment, treating me less like a beginner (i.e., approaching me less like a helpful teacher and more like an equal); which was a good experience in its own. I got more of a feel for how it would be to play "really on my own". It was nice to get a feel for these three totally different atmospheres -- which were all very friendly in their own way. Details: results for me +1 VP, 0-100, -100 differential; duration 58m; Jörn started the game.

Closing Thoughts
Aside from enjoying the much-anticipated interaction with nice fellow STCCG enthusiasts, I was particularly happy with how my deck -- and I, myself -- managed to perform in these games; which already became apparent early on in the event. This was a relief on the deck side, and a big surprise on the personal performance side. In the casual games in my play group environment, I tend to lose more than half of the games against those players I've taught the game to; and the one "exception" (in the "wrong" direction) is the player with whom I've learnt the game in 1995 -- he immediately grew along with the expansion sets (and he attended ad joined in some medium-level OP events in the late 90's) where I didn't. From him, I've only won once or twice. So you can imagine my surprise to actually, to my own mind, do fairly well in my very first official events -- and that, while making decks in a very limited time span. (Beforehand, that was what I dreaded most -- that, and photos being taken, haha!) Thanks, all, for the wonderful and low-obstacled manner in which you got me through my first games!