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Johan Skoglund (scox)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Side Event
2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
KlingonFederationDevidian loosers -1E Reflections sealed Worlds 2019
Opening the packs I saw quite a lot of good personnel rolling by, and already in first pack I got a Devidian door - score! Turned out I pulled another 6 Devidian doors in the end, for a total 7 devidian doors in one box. Crazy. However, I started to see a trend quite soon, I was not pulling any dilemmas, at least not any good or rare ones. And in the end I did not draw a single rare dilemma. Not great in sealed play. But I did draw a wopping 32 artifacts. I was even thinking about simply stocking the seed deck with artifacts only, early cool deck achievement? Anyway, quite clear Decipher had A LOT of AU product they wanted to get rid of based on my box, it was more or less 90% AU cards. Counting them afterwards, I do realise I simply got 5-6 copies of each AU rare, ships, events, everything. "Only" one Future Enterprise though.

Round 1admiralgaryML (-3)
Here is a guy who drew a lot of dilemmas! First mission, Sheliak + Q, blast from the past, boom! Outpost and people gone. Next mission, managed to clear , but not solve. Third one, clear and finally solve, to get my Iconian gateway and much needed people. Iconian gateway was supposed to help me get around the spaceline as well, but very very very surprisingly Gary played the one card I know he hates over everything else, a revolving door! No more gateway open, and I had skipped the AU door when skimming down the deck. Gary was solving missions as well and was 2 missions up against my one, when i went for a third one. Another Sheliak! We certainly got different boxes. I did manage to solve it in the end though, but a higher the fewer set me back enough points to still be behind Gary. He saw a chance to steal the shared mission on the end of the spaceline I had cleared in the mean time, and was about to reach it for the win. One more klingon ship + devidian door for staffing put an end to that though, despite two Q-net around the ship location. Boom. Time is called, and having wgone second I need to make a last attempt. I had scanned the only mission I have a chance at, but don't remember the order of the dilemmas. Cytherians, Barclays, and two more. I send two ships, one ping for the cytherians, and the rest on the other one. I am however lacking the science, and instead of getting the 10 points for the win, they all die horribly. Oh well... There were a lot more crazy stuff happening in this game, so much I can't remember it all. But it was an incredibly fun game, pure fun!

Round 2Paddy TyeFL (+70)
Deck could not get going, but was still close to be able to swoop in and steal wormhole negotiations next to my outpost, but having had Sisko killed I was missing on diplo and one honor to pass and solve my own shaka and honor for the mission. Was chopping away on the other missions, but was simply too slow and could not clear the dilemmas fast enough.

Round 3FederationLatroFL (-65)
Latro played a Traveller quite early, and that really made the difference. I had 3 missions cleared from dilemmas myself at the end of the match, but no mission skills to solve. I helped him with rules and advised him to go for the missions, and that worked out well and he hence won his first match ever! Congrats!

Closing Thoughts
6 x all AU rares means I also had a lot of echo papa killer drones, in retrospect I could probably have used that more offensively with the Devidian doors... Anyway, this was a really fun tournament, the match against Gary goes down as the most entertaining match of the whole weekend, and that is saying something when same weekend also contained a Biermeister and Aberdeen Anarchy!