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Martin Drake (Warrior50)
Tournament Report - 2E
2019-08-17 - 12:00 PM
TNGTNG Days of Future Past
this was a deck for achievement of playing a deck with 10 future cards,10 Past cards and 10 AU cards. Also for the Chairman's challenge

Round 1Terok NorNon-AlignedRick KinneyFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Played Rick, and got things going on the first turn with a ship, had some trouble getting a Fed personnel so I could fly the ship however. Finally got a fed personnel on my third turn and tried to do one of the space missions, which cost me two personnel. Back to HQ for refill of people next turn. Rick got his first mission done and I was still trying to get the right skills to go back and do the mission I failed to complete on my first turn. Rick got Wolf 359 done and then scored a third mission to win the game. good fun game.

Round 2KlingonDS9-EarthSean O'ReillyFL (-35)
Sean was next and I was doing well and completed a mission and Then Sean also completed a mission. It was back and forth for a bit and then Sean got some bonus points and completed a mission to win the game. Had fun and enjoyed the game.

Round 3ByeBY (0)
Bye this round

Closing Thoughts
Think if I did this deck again I might do some things a little different for some of my missions and dilemmas. Over all I had a good time this day.