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Brian Sykes (Armus)
Tournament Report - 2E - Trek Masters
2020-10-19 - 12:00 AM
KlingonWar...Peace... whatever works
I wanted something easy so I went with Klingons for the 2 mission win with battle support made cheap by Edith Keeler

Round 1TNGGreg HodginFW (+50)
Won by a turn thanks to blowing up his Unexpected Difficulties before micro-teaming his last mission.

Round 2BorgJulius MelhardtML (-15)
Clock got me. Had it won next turn, but I held Julius to a 95-80 Mod Win

Round 3KlingonJon CarterFL (-60)View opponent's Report
Good play by Carter and a bad dilemma draw at his last mission sunk me.

Round 4TNGJosef LembergerFW (+100)
Josef got a terrible draw and couldn't find a ship until turn 7. He did a reasonable job stopping me but I was too far ahead. Nuking his Hurried Departure was the finisher.

Round 5Terok NorBenjamin RostokerFW (+45)
Close game. I went first and worked my way through my space mission before he was up and running. I caught a break at my planet when he threw Nothing to Lose against Gonik. I hit a Tozara'Kesh with Hip Oath, but then he makes a player move and Our Death's my Battle card... Killing Tozara'Kesh. I solve my 3rd mission taking me to 95, but then I overthrow at his planet mission, leaving it buried, so I need to draw a battle card on my last turn. I draw BaH! and he's out of counters, so I shoot his ship for the win.

Closing Thoughts
This deck wasn't perfect, but Edith Keeler is as good as advertised. Lots of potential there.