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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E - Trek Masters
2020-10-19 - 12:00 AM
KlingonDelta Dipholes
I picked a good recent deck, lets see how it goes

Round 1BorgJulius MelhardtFL (-30)
Julius's borg with population 9 million makes my stack less than good. My bomar sovereignty keeps me from BOT twice to win... Unlimited interlinking plus queen swapping that I cannot really counter is dumb. My fault for not having event destruction

Round 2CardassianMichael SheaFW (+65)
I skill tracked like garbage in this game, but that didn't matter. The Klingons were just too fast for his infiltration to ever really get going.

Round 3KlingonBrian SykesFW (+60)View opponent's Report
Brian cannot find transporters for a while so he has to go away from space. His gomtu slows my ship down and I fear battle. (I had 4 people with the integrity to hit gomtu, just one dip short). Otherwise i get through plannets fairly quick. he shoots me for 40 points over the game I double wall his plannet to burry but keep him from solving. Next turn, I go for the planet i need to win. He timescapes for the first crew, so I take a bonus run at Bomar, he gets a bad draw. I use JLP to thward his best bet at SI. This lets me beat his chula. we play out the next turn. he solves the planet goes to space. i get the lucky random pick of Riker for Adopted authority. This gets me the stop I would have needed and another turn to try to beat if I had needed it.

Round 4CardassianTjark OttFL (-100)
I missed our appointment, so I conceded. It would have been interesting to see how it played out.

Round 5TNGGreg HodginFW (+100)
I was able to stop Greg enough. This plus speedy Klingons got me through