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Matthew Zinno (commdecker)
Tournament Report - Tr - Online Event
2021-03-02 - 09:00 PM
This is Bonus Magic!
I arrive to find Gen+Laughter, which this deck uses, have just been nerfed. Oh well.

Round 1 ()

Round 2 ()

Round 3 ()
I went out with Magic, but with a small pile: 111,222. And I'm still in last place.

Round 4 ()

Round 5 ()
Very long round. And it's anybody's game, with us all around 4-500k. I waited ages for a Laughter, but finally got it with about 5 minutes to go. And a few minutes later, I had 9 cards in hand and played an Honesty, and didn't activate it in order to have a hope of staying in Magic range. Next cycle, I played and got down to 7 cards, and the next cycle: Magic to go out!! For over 600k!!

Closing Thoughts
To be beaten by the other table. Drat again!