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Matthew Zinno (commdecker)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-02-08 - 12:00 AM
KlingonStay ... in your HOUSE!

Round 1ByeBY (0)
I was scheduled for a first opponent, but he dropped.

Round 2StarfleetSebastian KirsteinMW (+50)
Seppel's Starfleet deck started out reporting faster than me, but got bogged down by the dilemmas at the two missions he tried. At the first, he faced Rules of Obedience twice, which let me whittle away the people he needed for Chula the Dice. He moved on without passing that, to face Rules of Obedience twice at the next mission, which let me whittle away the people he needed for APOLLO, who hit and took out his NX Enterprise. That was it, he drew and drew and couldn't recover a ship after that. On my side, I ended up solving only one before time, MW 50-0.

Round 3KazonMichael Van BreemenML (-30)
When I saw Michael seed Insurrection, I rearranged my combos to put Dead End and 3 other dils there. Fortunate, since when he did start attmempting, he did go there first and get through everythint else. But this was after he spent the whole game eliminating my two outposts and two ships with his Kazon battle group (a Warship carrying lots of other Kazon ships, plus DHTMW Penk V ship). For my part, I cloaked when I could and attempted missions where I could, getting several down to the last dilemma. I didn't give up in a literal or figurative way, fighting for progress (and points) as well as making him spend his time hunting me down rather than focusing on mission points. At the very end, I did report a T'Ong, and if time had allowed more turns (or, said a different way, if I had drawn the T'Ong earlier), I could have rebuilt my MissionII outpost and started reporting ships again. At the end, he had to solve a mission to overcome the 15 bonus points I had gotten (KDY, AoS) (I recently found that the Glossary says that bonus points *do* count for a MW if nobody has mission points) ... and after hitting that Dead End at Ba'ku, he chose where to try on the final turn and *was* successful (Nano/Rift at Inv.Anach).

Round 4CardassianNiall MatthewML (-19)
Niall was playing Cardie Capturing. I tried to stay away from combos where I knew he'd capture me (e.g. Sleeper Trap and he just parks his people on a ship there), but the other combos were hard to make headway on. RoO gave him a Valuable Prisoner (which got him lots of draws from Awaiting Trial and points from Labor Camp), and I sent a streamlined team of 9 to Thasian Powers (shoulda discarded some of my excess Citadels) to be hit by THTF/DeadEnd. Switching to space, sending (almost) everyone was a bad idea - Cytherians. (Could pick up and replay, but that would take too long too, and they had the 2 Plasma Relays so I had fantasies of getting the points, but the game was too short.) Then he captured with the followup too (Scout Encounter/Extradition), plus he killed (Torture) his first prisoner to DHBC Gowron! Over on his attempting side, he redshirted with Aamin, which didn't kill him but three attempts later ended with a Maglock (which he certainly had the Guts to solve, but apparently not the mission skills); later a small team was TPK'd by a Forsaken/Rules combo. (Random-avoiding Garak hoped for a random selection on the last one - nope, app's choice.) No missions solved, which is apparently now a MW per the rulebook. One late-game fun moment: I played Madred for free to his HQ, to get a draw for someone more useful.