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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2021-03-06 - 12:00 PM
Non-AlignedGambit but without the charging powers
Amber said to play the Gambit related achievement deck so I did. I'm surprised by well it did. It really helped that only one person downloaded any Non-Aligned all tournament.

Round 1Terok NorSebastian KirsteinFW (+70)
He was playing Terok Nor dilemma mill but my 50 card dilemma pile was up to the milling. After three attempts each, we had three dilemmas under the first mission. Eventually, I got through and solve using Baran's text to download two artifacts (the third was in the discard pile already) so I used the mission text and went from there. I managed to make it through my next planet on the same turn thanks to Navaar and Amarie getting the two Intelligence I needed for Shaken Confidence. He solved Provoke but got stuck at Metron before I went to my last mission for the win.

Round 2StarfleetBenjamin LiebichFW (+20)
I was behind in this game, him getting a space mission solved first and started on his second thanks to using one of the banes of my existence - Accumulated Knowledge. Meanwhile, Pickpocket isn't going great as he keeps having ships on the top of his deck but I managed to get the space mission solved but no Baran (he was in the wrong attempt each time.) He gets his first planet done thanks to his second copy but gets stopped at the third planet with two dilemmas under. I managed to get Pickpocket and with attribute boosts, I managed to solve both planets on my turn for the win - first planet he hits the non-boosted Amarie so Adopted Authority goes under and I pass the Environmental Contaminants thanks to the scrub team having 2 Engineer and 2 Exo. The last mission, he gets my team down to 4 but Penk and Picard have the skills and Picard's text getting a boost got the mission solved for the win.

Round 3Nathan WFW (+100)
Nate is playing attribute denial which, thanks to Pickpocket, isn't as horrible of a thing... unless you go through 35 cards of your 50 card deck before you can find one. Still, I managed by luck to solve my space mission in one try (Maras having Exobiology helped pass Ardent Predator and I had just enough attributes after Bitter Medicine to solve, getting two of the three Artifacts and the third was placed on the ship with the mission text. I'm wishing that I had a means to attack his infiltrators, seeing as I have the Stone of Gol and all. After this, it was just a weird effect of dilemmas - I used Inequitable Exchange on Keevan at Teplan to deprive him of Exo, he hits Thelev with Arena to send him to Thelev, thus allowing me to use his text to draw and spend an extra dilemma to take out Khan with Center of Attention (his only Exo in play at the time.) He got two missions solved and had three under his last mission when I attempted my last mission for the first time. He mis-reads Neural Parasite (costs 8 instead of costing 5 like he thought) and there wasn't anyone he could kill to get rid of mission skills and, despite the math of Khan (who got played again and BTW, got Amarie over to Torga IV thanks to her seeing his Exobiology which then got her hit with Hippocratic Oath) and Bashir Founder vs. Pickpocket and Picard's boost, I still had enough attributes to solve, discarding my artifacts for the win.

Closing Thoughts
If only the Chef achievement wasn't just complete cardpool tournaments...