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2019-08-10 - 10:00 AM
2E Constructed tournament - 2019 Worlds Day One
# of Rounds:7
Entry Fee:
Format:Constructed - Players build their decks prior to the event.
Card Pool:Complete - All cards
Rules:Standard - The preferred rules for all [2E] and [TR] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:Y
Pre-registration Required:N
Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director:Dedicated DirectorJulius Melhardt
Contact Phone #:Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email:Please login to view contact information.
Address:Franz-Josefs-Kai 29
1010 Wien
Other Information:Worlds 2019 Main Event - 2E Day One
Tournament Results
Player NameVPsSoSDiff.CVP
Tournament Winner1RelativityMichael Van Breemen United States26Relativity can be fast
2RomulanGreg Dillon Australia222E Worlds 2019 Day 1
3RomulanTjark Ott Germany20111Einfache Leute
4CardassianStefan Slaby Austria20109Casual Enemies
5RelativityJeronimo Mitaroff-Szecsenyi Austria20108Zieh in die Zukunft
6KCABen Hosp United States1995KCa for worlds
7TNGDS9Jon Carter United States1986Jaeger Bomb 3.19 Now with 98% I dont care about 2e. Just add Durg!
8TNGMaggie Geppert United States18121Helping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. IV
9BorgNicholas Yankovec United Kingdom18111Borg Worlds 2019
Random Prize10DS9Justin Ford United States181092E Worlds - Vienna
11TNGJosef Lemberger Austria1888Sixpack on the run
12CardassianMatthias Weller Germany17Cardassian in Gamma Quadrant for WM 2019
13RomulanSebastian Kirstein Germany16121DAS Powershift
14KCAOliver Thust Germany16110New Bajor for WM
15DominionMartin Felber Austria16105WM 2019
Random Prize16TNGStefan Manz Germany16104-80Bio Tng meets vienna
17KlingonBenjamin Liebich Germany16104-115And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities derive v3.5
18CardassianNerdopolis Prime Austria1699Treacherous Spoonheads
19CardassianKenneth Tufts Canada1697235Cardies 1.2
20DominionJohannes Mette Germany1697-140Deck 303423002887590223
21BorgMichael Albrecht Austria1693Annika and her Friends for Worlds
Random Prize22DominionMarkus Eberlein Germany15Another Triumph For The Seedless Watermelon
Random Prize23VoyagerAmber Van Breemen United States13Player Toast
24KCAPeter Machovits Austria12Alliance Worlds Deck
25Stefan Perau Germany9
26BajoranCarsten Weller Germany7Bajoran Revised Vacation