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by Rogue Shindler

Tournament Record:

  • Constructed - Risa Regional (2011-04-23): 1st place
  • Constructed (2011-06-25): 1st place
  • Constructed - North American Continentals Day One (2011-07-17): 1st place
  • Constructed - North American Continentals Day Two (2011-07-17): 1st place
  • Constructed - Worlds Day One (2011-08-07): 1st place
  • Constructed - Worlds Day Two (2011-08-07): 5th place
  • Constructed (2011-09-14): 3rd place
  • Constructed (2011-12-17): 2nd place


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How to Play

Rescue is obviously not a new deck concept; it was one of the first decks to come out of TwT, and is one of the pre-constructed decks in the 2PG. A number of things have affected its gameplay over the sets, though, and I've had to adapt to stay with the times.

Most important is getting started early and countering Recycle. This is why the deck has almost as many Evolves as Rescues. Let's face it, as soon as that blue power hits the table, you will be the primary Recycle target. You WILL get Recycled. Over. And over. Get used to it. But with enough Evolves in your get, you can soon get back in the game by discarding your hand and drawing a whole new set of cards.

Also coming on the seen in the past year is Freeze. This is a strong card that is good to the game, but it can really punish homogeneous decks. To not be hammered by it, you need to be versatile and flexible. The classic deck uses Gos and Rescues to go all the way through the cycle, pulling cards back into play. Impressive, but if all you are doing is pulling cards back from your discard pile, you aren't playing any cards from hand and aren't any closer to going out. By adding extra copies 10k Go and 100 Stampede, you now have tools to bounce back and forth between cards from hand and your discard pile to run the cycle and still increase your changes of going out and actually scoring those points. A few Replays (1 or 100,000) will lend aid from the play pile to help you bridge the games your hand and discard pile are sometimes missing. Diversity is key!

The other big linchpin of the old Rescue deck was Discard. The introduction of Toxin has made including Discards in your deck a very delicate operation, but when used with care, they can be used successfully as the scalpel they were intended to be, rather than the blunt instrument they were before Toxin. There are two of each in here (1, 1,000, and 100,000). Just enough to keep on hand to help you go out. I almost always try to get these into my discard pile so I can 100 or 10,000 Rescue into them at the opportune moment, when I have very few cards left. Used judiciously, they can be just the thing you need when you need it.

Obviously you'd like your discard pile to be as large as possible to increase your options, but at the game wears on, if few people are running Recycle, you may find a cunning Battle or Poison player trying to run you through your deck. That is why there are a couple of Recycles of your own, just in case, and both are Rescue-able.

To fill out some versatility in the deck there are also a handful of 10 and 100 Copy to make opportune use of other people's Discards, Recycles, or whatever is good at the time. With a diverse and complimentary collection of cards, you should still be able to have fun running the cycle into your play pile and still have a good shot at going out without getting stymied by opposition like Freeze and Recycle.

Draw Deck (64)
38V2x 1 Tribble - Discard
20V5x 1 Tribble - Evolve
39V3x 1 Tribble - Go
3V2x 1 Tribble - Replay
4V2x 10 Tribbles - Copy
23V5x 10 Tribbles - Evolve
42V4x 10 Tribbles - Go
7V2x 100 Tribbles - Copy
46V4x 100 Tribbles - Rescue
47V4x 100 Tribbles - Stampede
49V2x 1,000 Tribbles - Discard
28V2x 1,000 Tribbles - Freeze
11V1x 1,000 Tribbles - Recycle
51V5x 1,000 Tribbles - Rescue
13V2x 10,000 Tribbles - Antidote
31V4x 10,000 Tribbles - Go
15V1x 10,000 Tribbles - Recycle
134R+4x 10,000 Tribbles - Rescue
16V2x 100,000 Tribbles - Antidote
136R+2x 100,000 Tribbles - Discard
18V2x 100,000 Tribbles - Replay
137R+4x 100,000 Tribbles - Rescue
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