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World Champion Decks
Green WM 2019by Tjark Ott Print DecklistCopy Deck
Tournament Participation Record: 2019-08-09*
The New Standard v1.0by Kenneth Tufts Print DecklistCopy Deck
A generic Tribbles deck useing a bunch of difrent things not going for any specific achievements, primary goal go out to score points.
Tournament Participation Record: 2016-09-02*
Bred for Battleby Johannes Klarhauser Print DecklistCopy Deck
SirDan's IDIC deck, slightly modified.
Tournament Participation Record: 2014-08-17*
Utilizing Utilize for Worldsby Greg Dillon Print DecklistCopy Deck
Deck for Worlds.
Tournament Participation Record: 2012-09-09*
Clone & Go 2011by William Hoskin Print DecklistCopy Deck
Dan Hamman's deck, minus a single copy of 10 tribbles - GO
Tournament Participation Record: 2011-08-07*