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The Trouble with Tribbles
A Physical Expansion released on 2000-08-09.

The Trouble With Tribbles expansion set includes 141-card set and the special "game within the game." Get set for Tribbles by previewing the card images and reading some exciting articles from Star Trek CCG's most respected authorities, contests and more.

The Trouble with Tribbles contains: 18 cards (3 C, 3 R*, 6 R+, 6 U)

120 C1 Tribble - BonusTribble
121 C1 Tribble - DiscardTribble
122 C1 Tribble - GoTribble
123 U10 Tribbles - BonusTribble
124 U10 Tribbles - GoTribble
125 U10 Tribbles - PoisonTribble
126 U100 Tribbles - BonusTribble
127 U100 Tribbles - PoisonTribble
128 U100 Tribbles - RescueTribble
129 R*1,000 Tribbles - BonusTribble
130 R*1,000 Tribbles - DiscardTribble
131 R*1,000 Tribbles - RescueTribble
132 R+10,000 Tribbles - GoTribble
133 R+10,000 Tribbles - PoisonTribble
134 R+10,000 Tribbles - RescueTribble
135 R+100,000 Tribbles - CloneTribble
136 R+100,000 Tribbles - DiscardTribble
137 R+100,000 Tribbles - RescueTribble