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1E editions map Reflections The Trouble with Tribbles
A Physical Expansion released on 2000-10-18.

Reflections: The First Five Year Mission is well-named. Each Reflections pack gives you 17 randomly assorted cards from Premiere through The Dominion sets plus an 18th card, a foil version of a classic Star Trek CCG rare. Reflections introduces "topper" cards. Four of these premium foil cards will randomly appear, one per display, on top of the packs inside the 30-pack display box. They are normal-sized, playable foil cards... four of the best-looking and most desirable cards we have ever made! There are 4 ultra-rare foils, 50 super rare foils, and 46 very rare foils, resulting in a 100-card set size.

Reflections contains: 1 cards (1 BT)

BT100,000 Tribbles - CloneTribble