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Tribbles Royale
A Virtual Expansion released on 2015-07-24.

It's hard to make an honest credit in the galaxy, and it's even harder now that Tribbles Royale, the sixth virtual Tribbles expansion is here. It's time to Ante up, Roll the dice, or play a few rounds of Dabo. Beware Tribbles and Troubles as you explore Tribbles Royale.

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (980 KB) Pack Art
[PDF] (17 MB) Download Expansion

Tribbles Royale contains: 27 cards (27 V)

91 V1 Tribble - FoldTribble
92 V10 Tribbles - AnteTribble
93 V10 Tribbles - ShiftTribble
94 V100 Tribbles - RivalTribble
95 V1,000 Tribbles - RollTribble
96 V1,000 Tribbles - Time WarpTribble
97 V10,000 Tribbles - ResetTribble
98 V100,000 Tribbles - DaboTribble
99 V100,000 Tribbles - Fizzbin (Errata)Tribble
100 V... In the Astrometrics LabTrouble
101 V... In the Barber ShopTrouble
102 V... On the BridgeTrouble
103 V... In the Cloning LabTrouble
104 V... In the Computer CoreTrouble
105 V... In the Conference RoomTrouble
106 V... In the Crew QuartersTrouble
107 V... In the Engine RoomTrouble
108 V... In the HolodeckTrouble
109 V... At Manheim's LabTrouble
110 V... In the Mess HallTrouble
111 V... In the MorgueTrouble
112 V... In the Ore Processing UnitTrouble
113 V... At Quark's BarTrouble
114 V... In the Ready RoomTrouble
115 V... In the Security OfficeTrouble
116 V... In SickbayTrouble
117 V... In the Transporter RoomTrouble