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Star Trek 50
A Virtual Expansion released on 2016-09-30.

The Ferengi have acquired Tribbles and are spreading them throughout the galaxy! Following the Rules of Acquisition, the Ferengi are peddling Tribbles, indifferent to their ecological menace! Even more troubling, Tribbles have spread through the Guardian of Forever and are infesting some of Star Trek's most iconic moments! Ferengi profits might be up, but who's going to deal with all of these Tribbles?

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[JPG] (840 KB) Pack Art
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Star Trek 50 contains: 18 cards (18 V)

118 V1 Tribble - EvadeTribble
119 V1 Tribble - RetreatTribble
120 V10 Tribbles - ConfrontTribble
121 V10 Tribbles - ConvertTribble
122 V100 Tribbles - CycleTribble
123 V100 Tribbles - EvadeTribble
124 V100 Tribbles - PartyTribble
125 V100 Tribbles - Time WarpTribble
126 V1,000 Tribbles - CheatTribble
127 V1,000 Tribbles - DaboTribble
128 V10,000 Tribbles - AcquireTribble
129 V10,000 Tribbles - ExchangeTribble
130 V10,000 Tribbles - ReplicateTribble
131 V100,000 Tribbles - AnteTribble
132 V100,000 Tribbles - ConfrontTribble
133 V100,000 Tribbles - FoldTribble
134 V... At Club MartusTrouble
135 V... At Vic's LoungeTrouble