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A Tribble of a Different Color
A Virtual Expansion released on 2020-05-05.

Celebrate life with A Tribble of a Different Color, featuring Tribbles popping up all across the galaxy of Star Trek. With twelve (12) new powers and bright colors, there are cards for new decks and old decks alike, coming alive with bright colors and fun new powers. How will you deal with Tribbles in the transporters? Cloaking Tribbles menacing your ships? Find new tribbles inside as they continue their spread across the galaxy!

Download this Virtual Expansion!
[PDF] (7 MB) Download Expansion

A Tribble of a Different Color contains: 18 cards (18 V)

136 V1 Tribble - BeamTribble
137 V1 Tribble - KindnessTribble
138 V1 Tribble - MirrorTribble
139 V1 Tribble - RecycleTribble
140 V10 Tribbles - DecloakTribble
141 V10 Tribbles - Generosity (Errata)Tribble
142 V10 Tribbles - Time WarpTribble
143 V100 Tribbles - CheatTribble
144 V100 Tribbles - DecloakTribble
145 V100 Tribbles - Laughter (Errata)Tribble
146 V1,000 Tribbles - IDICTribble
147 V1,000 Tribbles - MagicTribble
148 V1,000 Tribbles - RevealTribble
149 V10,000 Tribbles - DoubleTribble
150 V10,000 Tribbles - HonestyTribble
151 V100,000 Tribbles - FlashTribble
152 V100,000 Tribbles - LoyaltyTribble
153 V100,000 Tribbles - TrickTribble