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1EwatchTemporal Benefactor was added to the watch list
Timepod Ring download is too easy, and this particular variety of skill gaining is very versatile.
1EdeckSF Stolen from a Space Scottsman 1.6 by Worf Son of Mogh
Starfleet MACOish


1EdeckOTF - Combined Task Force - beta by benericardus
Combined Task Force / Training Cruise / The Great Hall / Group Therapy / Blood Oath
2EdeckDS9E V-starter (Balance of Terror) Plus 4 Packs by Warrior50
This deck is for a sealed Virtual tournament with 4 sealed packs.
2EdeckRomulan V-starter w/ 4-packs by TReebel
This deck revolvs around the the Klingon prisoners, living a peaceful life with their Romulan captors on Carraya IV with the Klingon L\'Kor as their leader. Notable characters that has been included in the deck for their usefulness includes Sela and The Viceroy.
TrdeckGenerous Player Deck by Warrior50
This deck is for Generous player achievement
TrdeckDan's Rescue Deck - 2014 Worlds Edition by Armus
He gave it to me and said I could keep it as long as I posted it. Time to fulfill that promise.


2EdeckEquinox starter with 4 booster packs by Jono
Deck using Equinox virtual starter deck and the contents of 3 Captain\'s Log booster packs and one Reflections 2.0 booster pack.
TrdeckTaste of a Poison Paradise (Battle and Poison Can Suck It Edition) by Cmdr Xym
Completely reworked version of one of my few Tribbles decks that has actually won before. Bulked it up with new defenses and more high value cards (mostly for achievements)
TrdeckSkip, Clone and Reverse to piss you off by Jono
Lots of Skip, Clone and Reverse cards in the deck to screw with the play order when the table is large.


2EarticleOf Course I'm Paranoid, Everyone's Trying To Kill Me! by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
When tough times comes home, Earth is forced to make tough decisions not only for the planet, but for life as we know it.
TrdeckRescue 3.33 by benericardus


2EdeckSo, I Was Watching the X-Files and Decided to Build a Paranoia Deck by jadziadax8
Coincidence? I think not...