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TrdeckHighlander by Professor Scott


1EreportLocal (2022-09-05) by winterflames
I played a Sybok deck. I never stole a person because every time someone encountered A Passionate Vulcan, they had a Spock along for the ride.
1EdeckKhan Essay by SpringSnow
Essay on Khan's interpretation or power
1EdeckThe Classical Movies Of Federated Planets
A Classic Films/Office of the President deck.


TrreportOnline Event (2022-09-27) by Professor Scott
Achievement fishing is cool!
2EdeckIndomitable by Caretaker's Guest
TrdeckIDIC Means Appreciating the Borg Too! by jadziadax8
Jeremy intrigued me with an IDIC/Assimilate deck.


1EdeckYesterday by Mugato
2EdeckDS9 Infiltrators for Austrian Regionals by Clerasil ToB
Hello Kneipi!!!


2EreportLocal (2022-09-24) by Jono
I used a Klingon beginner deck with cards from some virtual packs. I ended up adding 10 dilemmas (6 S/P, 1 S and 3 P)... and 5 cards to my draw deck (2 events, 2 Non-Aligned personnel and 1 interrupt).
2EdeckBeginner Klingon+ by Jono
Klingon Beginner Deck with 15 extra cards from six virtual packs
2EdeckDS9 Beginner Deck + V boosters by Cmdr Xym
DS9 Beginner Deck minus the worthless cards.
2EdeckDiscount Voyage by Winner of Borg
Voyager, as cheap as it gets


1EarticleEmergency Ban Notice for Temporal Narcosis by Dan Hamman, Staff Writer
The Balance Team is announcing an Emergency Ban of Temporal Narcosis. A combo was discovered between this old AU card and one erratad five years ago.
1EwatchTemporal Narcosis was banned
This has an unintended interaction with Revolving Door. (Specifically, if you try to use the text of the opponent's Revolving Door, it counts as using it, so the opponent can play this card and take a double turn.)
2EdeckKhan Beginner Deck plus virtual boosters by Warrior50
Deck for an event with virtual boosters to be provide at event. My virtual cards were mostly dilemmas that I added to the deck.
TrdeckMaybe violating common sense by Jono
Modification of Benjamin Liebich's European Continental winning deck.
TrdeckRecursive player V2 by Warrior50
Deck for an event