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articleThe Return of World Championship Trek! by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized Play
League season is upon us!
1EdeckIllegitimate Leader of the Empire and Lore TNG by Rancour@gmx.de
Klingons, a few non-aligned bad guys. Might work if the dilemmas kill enouth good guys ;)


articleStar Trek: Prodigy Season One Draft by Ross Fertel, Auspicious
Celebrate the newest addition to the Star Trek franchise and you might win a glorious borderless promo!


2EdeckBig Borg v3 by rycar60
Lots of borgy bois.
2EdeckBig Borg v4 by rycar60
Lots of borgy bois.
2EdeckEquinox murder by Ethan 1199
Equinox is better than ever
TrdeckChair's Challenge 2021 by Armus
Discard Pile nonsense for the achievement


1EdeckThursday Night Deckbuilding, Ep. 9: Holo-Cardies by Kaiser
Cardassian/Hologram deck built for Thursday Night Deckbuilding. Watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/OnbklS9hAKY


2EarticleBeginner Decks by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador
New or returning to the game? Check here for beginner decks for you and your friends.
2EarticleCaretaker Streets Today by Ross Fertel, Staff Writer
While there is a lot of Delta Quadrant goodness in Caretaker, consider letting go and thinking of the other groups that stand to gain with the sixty three new cads that are tournament legal today.
2EarticleBeginner Deck: Voyager by Lucas Thompson, Designer
This is the strategy article for the Voyager beginner deck.
2EarticleBeginner Deck: Maquis by Lucas Thompson, Designer
This is the strategy article for the Maquis beginner deck.
2Earticle2021 Afflation Stockwatch Final Round by Ross Fertel, Broker
With two events planned in the span of one weekend, the final chance to fix your portfolio is upon us.
2EdeckVoyager Beginner Deck by edgeofhearing
Voyager Beginner Deck
2EdeckMaquis Beginner Deck by edgeofhearing
Maquis Beginner Deck
2EdeckProving Our Meddle 1.4 by The Guardian
Use new(ish) Romulan strategy of hanging out at an opponent's mission to kill and annoy.


TrreportLocal (2021-10-09) by Armus
This deck is dumb.
2EdeckThe Rock Cried Out by GooeyChewie
No hiding place
2Edecktng beginner updated by Gedca
tng beginner updated


1EreportWorlds Side Event (2021-10-09) by BCSWowbagger
Rainbow sealed is a howling pit of madness. Obviously I wouldn't miss it.
1Edeckshortcut by Winner of Borg
Staging Ground, 6 universal missions, Bajoron/Klingon Treaty achievement
1EdeckCardassia by Rancour@gmx.de
Cardassian Support Personal/Gul/Sona Deck
2EdeckKCA for Big Mike by Neelix
Mostly Klingon
TrdeckUpdated Tally-Mon by The Ninja Scot
Because it's always fun to have a deck based on a song...


1EreportWorlds Day Two (2021-10-09) by BCSWowbagger
A few months ago, someone (I don't remember who) complained that a new interrupt being considered for development was problematic because it "made the Issue is Patriotism + Defend Homeworld trick even easier."

I had to ask: "What Issue is Patriotism + Defend Homeworld trick?" Someone sat me down and patiently explained it to me.

The first thing I said was, "The new card doesn't make that any easier. That's already super-easy. Why would I want to clog up a super-easy thing by stocking and drawing into an interrupt?" The second thing I said was, "Wait... did I just say there's a super-easy way to put infinity personnel and ships in play?"

I decided to try it and see what happened. My real Worlds deck, the one I poured all the hard work into, was of course my OS Romulan build for Day One. But if that build fell apart for some reason, or if by some lucky chance I made it to Day Two, this was my silly backup.

This deck lost nearly all its playtest games, partly because I didn't redshirt with small enough teams, partly because I focused too hard on destroying my opponents after the trap went off (Joe Kallstrom memorably shut down a vast fleet by DL'ing a Q-Net after I'd wasted two turns flying over to fight him), partly because my original formula for the deck involved lots of people who couldn't actually download with DH. That not only turned out to be impossibly inefficient, but it meant the DH download soaked WAY more of the clock than it ought to. Going into Worlds, I felt it was in better shape than it had been, but it was unclear to me how much better shape.

P.S. People are asking "why no Conundrum?" Good question. It was in the original build, but I didn't want to be limited to Bajoran ships, and Conundrum is useless if a non-Bajoran ship is targeted. I almost did go ahead and limit myself to Bajoran ships... but cutting it gave me back a seed slot.

1EdeckResist Bajoran Domination by Clerasil ToB
Baj Dom Treaty Deck for Chairman's Challenge 2021 Latest Expansion: Dogs of War
TrdeckAccepting the Past by jadziadax8
Chair's Challenge 2021
TrdeckPah-Wraith by commdecker
Counterprogramming against the Chairman's Challenge, which often focuses on Discard.