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1Edeckzxcv by Anonymous


articleOrganized Play Guide Update - OPG 4.4 by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized Play
Check out the updates to the Organized Play Guide, just in time for Regional season.
2EarticleOn Second Thought: Where the cards lay by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition
In this month's Second Edition Blog, I go through an existential crisis!
documentDocument Updated: Organized Play Guide
The above document has recently been updated
1EreportLocal (2019-03-23) by KazonPADD
Because making Whales become Temporal Agents is fun!
1EdeckDual Ages of Empires by The Ninja Scot
Starfleet/Terran Empire
2Edeck11. Borg Megateaming by GooeyChewie
Attempt with 10+.


article2019 Q1 Raffle Bins Close March 31st! by Dan Hamman, Raffle Master
The bins for the first quarter raffle of 2019 are closing in one week, on March 31st. Act quickly to make sure you can have a chance at prizes!
blogOn Second Thought: Where the cards lay by Faithful Reader
One of the most fun things about the game is seeing where new cards are assimilated into the game. For some, it’s more obvious than others. If there’s a new Chula dilemma, for example, you’ve got a pretty good idea where it will go in terms of dilemma piles. Though it might be able to stand ...
2EdeckSuper Barclay commands the Enterprise and our respect 1.3 by Pants o.t. Tal Shiar
TNG Microteaming or whatever it\'s called.
2EdeckI Wish to Harm the Melody Machine by flrazor
Old reliable TNG Speed Solver.


1EdeckAgent George and Agent Gracie by KazonPADD
Starfleet Temporal Benefactor deck with Whales!
2Edeck10. Borg Dissidents by GooeyChewie
Micro-teaming, not big teams.
2EdeckKCA Klingons by CrimsonRavage
KCA Klingons
2EdeckBah! Combat is NOT treacherous. by Boratus
TrdeckTongo, conservative style by CrimsonRavage
Tongo, conservative style
TrdeckIts a Red Line on a White Canvas Mk. III by jadziadax8
Tribble minimalism - going for the Speed Demon, Minimal Tribble and They Go That High? achievements. This time I have the 100000 Clones in to be eligible for Speed Demon.


2EarticleSecond Edition Update: World Meteorological Day Edition by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition
Read all about Second Edition events that you may have missed this week.
2EreportOnline Event (2019-03-04) by Latok
I was failing to build a KCA solver that really inspired me when I realised that they have a fair number of high cost NA personnel and Ezri Dax that can infinitely recur them when combined with Quark. So that reminded me of the deck Shane Brierly played at Worlds last year, I didn\'t get to face him but we did discuss his deck a little bit. So a Infestation/Sabotaged Transporter deck hasitly put together before I got some sleep before my round 2 game against Naetor it was.
2EdeckKCA/Tribbles by Latok


articleSan Diego Masters 2019 by Dan Hamman, Former Ambassador to Risa
Schedule update and details for the Masters events in San Diego
2EdeckWith men like you on our side, how can we fail? by Naetor
Dissidents + capture?


1EarticleWednesday 1E Roundup - 20 MAR 2019 by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition
A look back at the previous week in the world First Edition, and a look ahead at the next; this is your weekly roundup for Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.
1EreportTrek Masters (2019-03-03) by Armus
2EreportLocal (2019-03-16) by GooeyChewie
As is often the case, I went into the day with no idea what to play. After starting a couple of half-baked ideas in the deck builder, I decided to go with something I had previously built but never played. The Three Man Band is built to complete both Investigate Alien Probe and Investigate Maquis Activity with three personnel, and Aid Lost Colony with four. Kira Nerys, First Officer helps get the high-cost personnel into play, and also fills up the discard pile with extra copies of the unique personnel for Orb of Contemplation. With two 40-point missions, Unfair Comparison and the 6-cost-but-really-pay-2 dilemmas fit the mission like a glove.
2EdeckAlternate Earth by The Ninja Scot
Genetically Enhancement is the Norm
TrdeckI will probably begin with a very classy first line... something like: say, sweet thing, can I buy you a fish sandwich? by prylardurden
I will probably begin with a very classy first line... something like: say, sweet thing, can I buy you a fish sandwich?
photoWill have fun by Suden Kapala