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2EcardBarzan Wormhole
Barzan Wormhole
2EdeckBorg Dissidents v1.1 by Psionic Hobo


2EarticleVidiians by Lucas Thompson, Designer
Let's take a look at the Vidiians, the first new affiliation created by the Continuing Committee for Second Edition.
2EcardVidiian Interceptor
Vidiian Interceptor
2EcardCulling Raid
Culling Raid
2EcardOrgan Theft
Organ Theft
2EcardHall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrors


articleRequest for Comments: About Us & Bylaws Specific Purposes by Charlie Plaine, Chair of the Board
As part of our plan to develop a long-term plan, The Continuing Committee is requesting comments on our existing About Us statement and Section 2.2 of our Bylaws which defines the Specific Purposes for our organization.


TrdeckRescue, Go, Replay, Redux! by flrazor
More Rescue variety.
Trdeck2023 Worlds by The Ninja Scot
TrdeckCan't You Trip Like I Do? by jadziadax8
Built for Trouble Tripper and Control Tribbles Achievements.
TrdeckNo Trouble by flrazor
TrdeckYoure Not My Friend... Youre a Decepticon! ver 6.0 by LORE
Rescue / Go deck played at the 6/24 Minnesota Regional Championship.
TrdeckNew Set Only Achievement by The Ninja Scot
Here we go
TrdeckI will Master your Troubles, for I control the Verse! by Professor Scott
Control acheviment deck, not made to go out neccissarly just play control and it's suport cards
TrdeckI've Got This Under Control by commdecker
Trouble-friendly Tribble powers, and Control cards from the new release.


1EdeckLook in the Mirror, You Need a MACOver by andrewd18
A very silly deck designed around a pun and the Ever Invincible deck design achievement. Not expected to be very competitive.