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2EarticleCatching Up With the Cardassians by Nathan Miracle, Staff Writer
The Cardassian Liberation Front scores a victory over the Dominion!
2EcardElim Garak
Elim Garak
1EdeckThursday at the Blue Note by 9of24
Borg DQ based deck.
2EdeckPolitical Putsch by Latok
2EdeckFor Cardassia! by GooeyChewie
A Cardassian dissident deck!


articleIncorporation Complete by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer
Business Update
2EarticleA Morale Boost by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
I could go for some field rations right now, how about you?
2EcardBenjamin Sisko
Benjamin Sisko
2EcardSalvaged Attack Ship
Salvaged Attack Ship
1EwatchPost Garrison was removed from the watch list
1EwatchProtect the Timeline was removed from the watch list
1EwatchRomulan Minefield was added to the watch list
powerful combo: a free-play interaction card which is made a draw-engine by an IDIC card which doesn't have cultural requirements.
2EreportRegional (2018-05-19) by Warrior50
Best laid plans didn\'t work.
2EreportLocal (2018-05-20) by ltkettch17
I haven\'t been motivated nor have I had the time to do much with my cards since the Regional. I played OK on that day, but I was mostly annoyed about the lack of games that made it to completion. I\'ve always had some version of Klingon Riker Sword put together, and the only dilemma pile I had that wasn\'t specifically related to a deck was a new version of a TT/ACE pile I found to playtest against. It wasn\'t exactly a great match, but it\'s all I had to go with today.
1EdeckAnd here I'd feared you'd left all this behind. by prylardurden
1EdeckObserver Effect (Or: "Something Something Something Mockingjay") by BCSWowbagger
1EdeckNobody, calls me yellow. by Commander Joe
2018 Andorian Regionals
1EdeckBajoran Cardassian Treaty by CrimsonRavage
A treaty deck
2EdeckTerok Nor Deck 3 by Warrior50
This deck is for an achievement using only planet and space dilemmas.
2EdeckSuper Barclay commands the Enterprise and our respect by Pants o.t. Tal Shiar
TNG Microteaming or whatever it\'s called.
2EdeckA Few Minor Difficult Treasures by Kivas Fajo
Quark is still the greatest.
2EdeckDissidents are never satisfied - Melbourne Regional 2018 by T-Ricks
Trying to get a lot of personnel in play at reduced cost using The New Resistance.
2EdeckAnti-meta 2 by The Ninja Scot
2EdeckMy jaws that BITE, my claws that CATCH! by OKCoyote
Terok Nor dilemma mill for Regionals
2EdeckWhat Was Lost Can Be Found Again by OKCoyote
Dominion isolationist for Regionals
2EdeckRegionals 2018 by TReebel
TOS 8472
2EdeckJaeger Bomb 3.02: Now with 40% less bomb. by Hoss-Drone
2EdeckReg and Data go to the Future Federation by Jono
Future Federation deck to solve missions using just three personnel
2EdeckKlingon Riker Sword - Don\'t time out by ltkettch17
KRiS, cuz I\'m sick of mod-wins/mod-losses. Paired with more recent ACE pile, but not really a good match.
TrdeckAvalanche of Pain Player by Warrior50
This deck is for an achievement with avalanche and BIJ
TrdeckMelbourne Reginal 2018 by T-Ricks
Just a mix of cards to try to score points during the game as well as go out in one or two of the rounds. Added some extra Recycle powers.
TrdeckI Shall Bring You Rest by OKCoyote
Very large Tribbles deck for Regionals?!


2EarticleGenocidal Plans by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador
Far Beyond the Stars sees a Romulan incarnation of an old antagonist and a matching ship for taking the fight to your enemies.
2EcardEnabran Tain
Enabran Tain
2EdeckIts a Very Lovely Ship... I Think You Should Go Down With It by LORE
Cardassian deck played at the 5/18 Minnesota Regional Championship.
2EdeckThe Expendables - Orlando Regional 2018 by T-Ricks
Lots of low cost cards to try to plow through dilemmas.
2EdeckI fail to recall the last time you were in Rome. And here Id heard... you had retired. by prylardurden
2EdeckDisastrous Attempt to Salvage a Win (Orlando Regionals 2018) by Cmdr Xym
TNG 2-mission win deck with a dilemma pile based around Disaster. Also uses Empok Nor, Bluegills, and other shenanigans.
2EdeckTOS Integrity Deck by CrimsonRavage
TOS Integrity Speed Deck
2EdeckAlabama Chicken Death Camp by KillerB
HoF Version
2EdeckAllied Genocide by The Prefect
Cardassian-Romulan Interference
2EdeckAll Holograms Go To Heaven by KillerB
A HoloSolver for Cameron
2EdeckBlood in the Cut by KillerB
It\'s too quiet in the room...
2EdeckScotty to Gladiators: Up Yer Shaft! by KillerB
Brandy HoF, Texas Regional \'18.
2EdeckWhere There\'s Cake, There\'s Hope (2.3) by flrazor
More work on the Dominion Solver idea...
2EdeckI should have worn the white pants by mark_mustonjr
2EdeckDownloading at DS9 by Jono
TNG Earth/DS9 deck with cards that let you download and place personnel
2EdeckGagh & Bloodwine... the Breakfast of Champions by Bloodwine Oatmeal
Klingon deck played at the Minnesota Regional.
TrdeckOrlando Reginal 2018 by T-Ricks
Just a mix of cards to try to score points during the game as well as go out in one or two of the rounds. Added some extra Recycle powers.
TrdeckTaste of a Poison Paradise (2018 Orlando Regionals Edition) by Cmdr Xym
Completely reworked of one of my few Tribbles decks that has actually won before.
TrdeckSay What Again by flrazor
Replicate, Sabotage, and Time Warp
TrdeckOrlando Tribbles 2018 regional by Jono
Preparing to Utilizing Central Florida...
Trdeck10 and 01 by Nate Jeezy
Binary Tribbles!


2EarticleRebel With a Cause by Nathan Miracle, Nostalgic Trekker
Take a walk down memory lane with this new Far Beyond the Stars spoiler!
2EcardCal Hudson
Cal Hudson
1EdeckKliBaj by The Ninja Scot
Klingon/Bajoran treaty
2EdeckConfessions of the Hudson by GooeyChewie
Confessions-based Deep Space 9 deck.


2EarticleThe Ends Justify the Means by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador
Cardassians get a new verb to help in mission completion in Far Beyond the Stars!
2EcardThe Enemy of My Enemy
The Enemy of My Enemy
2EdeckInheritors of Niccolo Machiavelli by The Prefect
Cardassian deck


2EarticleBeware Saber Bears on Kang's Summit by Nathan Miracle, Totally Not a Founder
Meet the man who led the Klingon Empire's forces against the Cardassians and the Federation!
2EcardMartok Founder
Martok Founder
2EcardI.K.S. Negh'Var
I.K.S. Negh'Var
2EdeckProtect the Founder by GooeyChewie
Make sure Martok Founder gets through!


2EarticleThe Changing Face of Evil by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador
Far Beyond the Stars gives war a chance with two new persona of a familiar villain turned antihero turned villain and his hijacked ship.
2EdeckUnfettered Aggression by The Prefect
Far Beyond the Stars Terok Nor deck


2EarticleFurther Beyond the Stars by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
Far Beyond the Stars, A Deep Space Nine anniversary set, releases Friday, May 25. Find out everything about the set, except spoilers.
2EdeckTos with Transporter Accidents by Enabran
Star Trek the Motion Pictures personnel with Transporter Accidents and "No win Situation Dilemma Pile"