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2EcardOccasional Emergency
Occasional Emergency


2EarticleWelcome, Civilians by Nathan Miracle, Designer
Introducing the fifty-seventh expansion for Star Trek: The Customizable Card Game, Second Edition.
2EcardPillar of the Community
Pillar of the Community
1EdeckDecipher Archives: Ores from Nors - September 1998 by boromirofborg
Here's an all-DS9 Cardassian deck based around Nors and the Process Ore objective


1EdeckDecipher Archives: Good Ol Federation Deck - June 1998 by boromirofborg
: I began this deck a long time ago in an attempt to make a command crew deck. Then the Alternate Universe and Q-Continuum and First Contact and finally, The Fajo Collection, came out. I have changed this deck a couple of times for a try at the other affiliations, but I've always come back to my first love, the Federation. The basic idea of the deck is to get your personnel out from your Q's Tent as soon as you can. You should be able to get a Q's Tent very quickly. Then start drawing your key personnel out and do the missions. You want to place your outpost on the Reunion mission. If you have a regenerating card you can waste your first Q's Tent to draw Spock, McCoy or Scotty. Do Reunion for 15 points if your opponent is playing Borg. This will protect your outpost. You will have wanted to put your Kurlan Naiskos on Reunion. After that, just play out the rest of the deck. As a note, the dilemmas and Q-Flash cards I put down are just a guide. I have geared them specifically towards one of my more dastardly opponents. You might want to use some other dilemmas to counter cards that you have met in local tournaments.


1EdeckDecipher Archives: Borg Assimilation and Conquest Deck - March 1998 by boromirofborg
This is a Borg deck built around assimilation your opponent's homeworld, and destroying his ships, thus preventing him from reporting personel to complete his missions. A battle deck at heart, it uses dilemmas to slow down opponents long enough for an attack to be made, and disable them.
TrdeckIts a Red Line on a White Canvas Mk. IV by jadziadax8
Tribble minimalism - going for the Speed Demon, Minimal Tribble, Trial and Tribble-ations and They Go That High? achievements.
TrdeckMy Harmony by Clerasil ToB
Harmony Player deck
TrdeckSomething Random by The Ninja Scot
I can't think of a theme tonight but I have a working lamp now so at least I can see.


1EdeckDecipher Archives: Cant touch this (Away team deck) - October 1997 by boromirofborg
About the deck: The basic idea of my deck is to pass virtually any dilemma you encounter. The personnel in this deck each hold important keys to passing dilemmas, so, when using this deck you must be careful to keep as many personnel in play as possible. Although it may take a little time, once you have your personnel in play, there is little that your opponent can do to keep you from scoring a lot of points. I recommend this deck for less agressive players (like myself) who like to know that they can beat a mission before they attempt it.


2EdeckSun King by Kivas Fajo
Ooh, here comes the sun king Here comes the sun king Everybody is laughing Everybody is happy Here comes the sun king Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazón Mundo paparazzi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que canite carousel
2EdeckHolo-what? by Jono
Hologram achievement
TrdeckBattle Ponies by rycar60


2EdeckKlingons far from home by T-Ricks
Klingon solver in the Delta Quadrant.
2EdeckPlaying the Race Cards by Cmdr Xym
Terra Prime deck using Infiltration and kill dilemmas.
2EdeckCardassian Deck by Warrior50
Deck achievement playing cardassian's, These are the voyages dilemma achievement, good casting Madred.
TrdeckWorst powers for a Trouble Tribbles Tournament by T-Ricks
Just going for the Troubled Player achievement when playing in a Trouble Tribbles tournament.
TrdeckThrowing Random Cards Together (Troubled Player Edition) by Cmdr Xym
Not even trying at this point...I almost always finish near the bottom no matter what. So here's this deck.
TrdeckTrouble Cycler Deck by Warrior50
Deck for an achievement
TrdeckTroublesome Tribbles by Jono
Battle deck using only cards affected by the Trouble pile