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2EdeckAlmost a - virtually - good Starfleet deck by Jono
Deck uses a Starfleet virtual deck and the contents of three To Boldly Go booster packs.
TrdeckDance of the Sugar Plum Tribbles by Cmdr Xym
Achievement deck with Dance/Skip/Reverse.
TrdeckGo, Utilize, Poison without 1000, 10000 or 100000 by Indyguy1183
The objective of this deck is to scores points off opponent's decks and make games go fast by always having low Tribbles to play.


1EarticleWill of the Collective VI: Starting Monday by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager
The results are in, and Will of the Collective VI begins on Monday, January 21st. Will you be making the mission of your choice, or both a planet mission and a matching personnel?
2EarticleSecond Edition Goings on this Week(end) by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
Wondering what to do this Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend? Wonder no longer!
2EdeckMass Assmiliation by GooeyChewie
Assimilate this!


TrreportOnline Event (2019-01-16) by prylardurden


1EarticleWednesday 1E Roundup - 16 JAN 2019 by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of First Edition
A look at the past week in First Edition, and a look ahead at the next. This is the Wednesday 1E Roundup for January 16th, 2019.
2EdeckSterok Fleet by The Ninja Scot
Starfleet/Terok Nor Achievement
TrdeckGraham, Ryan, and Yas on a Journey by Marquetry
For achievements!


1EdeckNA Borg by The Ninja Scot


2EarticleHall of Fame ballots are open! by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
The ballots are all set for the Hall of Fame Class of 2019. Get your vote in to be heard!


2EdeckGenerals + Founder v1.1 by eberlems
+ attributes