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2EcardKell Perim
Kell Perim
2EcardSon'a Disruptor Pistol
Son'a Disruptor Pistol
1EdeckCardissidents by grandar
1EdeckEmissary Maquis by grandar
1EdeckIf Only I had Better Dilemmas by grandar
2EdeckFerengi BC Deck by grandar
2EdeckMarch IDIC by grandar
2EdeckLabor Camps by grandar


2EcardObstructive Posturing
Obstructive Posturing
TrdeckSmells Like... Used Diaper Filled with Indian Food ver 5.0 by LORE
Bonus deck played at the 5/21 Online tournament.


1EarticleMay 2021 First Edition Balance Team Update by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Today, we are bringing you five (5) errata and one addition to the Watch List.
1EarticleRules Update, May 2021 by James Heaney, Rules Manager (1E)
A couple answers to questions you asked, plus some you didn't!
2EarticleMay 2021 Balance Team Update by Benjamin Liebich, 2E Balance Team Lead
18 Cards receive errata today!
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Errata - Recent Updates
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Recent Rulings
The above document has recently been updated
2EdocumentDocument Updated: Errata - Recent Updates
The above document has recently been updated
2EcardImmoral Choice
Immoral Choice
1EwatchThe Devil was added to the watch list
The Balance Team is concerned about the wide scope and availability of this card's treaty destruction, and has asked to keep an eye on it. Thus, it's added to the Watch List.
1EdeckThe Maquis by Exon
DS9 Theme tournament
1EdeckAlliances by Exon
Voyager theme tournament
1EdeckLiving Witness by SirRogue
Voyager Encounter theme deck


2EarticleThe Moral Choice by Michael Shea, Designer
Today's cards put in stark contrast the struggle between good and evil that is at the heart of Heroes and Demons.
2EcardPrincipled Stand
Principled Stand
1EreportOnline Event (2021-04-06) by SudenKapala

I, too, had originally wanted to run a Maquis deck, to try them out; my first idea when reading about this event was that it would be great to go Ach-hunting for that faction\'s Player Achievement. But after digging up the deck lists for the base decks in this event (see my associated deck notes), I found out that the \'Maquis Player\' Ach requires a number of cards that are not in the deck (nor in the possible draft pool)! In all probability, they didn\'t exist yet when this part of the block was made?

So next, (during the two draft efforts for the original Emissary event, 11730) I resolved to earn the Dominion Player achv with this gig -- see the future notes for 56d (\"deck 56\"), and/or the accompanying After Action Report (for the 11744 DoW Release Event).

Yet my eventual card pool for the turned-sealed gig (11740, this one) proved much more feasible for CAR than for DOM; My deck (which retained number \"53d\") got to have a Nor and 3 sites -- and the Nor rules had just changed before the event, to allow for beaming!

(My \'preliminary research\' into a DOM Emissary deck, I subsequently tranfered -- as the above-mentioned, re-purposed \"56d\" -- to the DoW RE, 11744).

Glad I didn\'t get to play MAQ, in the end. Enough of that going around, as it was! LOL.

1EreportOnline Event (2021-04-06) by Keiimaster
So I pulled Julian, Jadzia, and Benjamin so playing Baj/Fed meant I basically got 2 of each and that rubbed me wrong so I went Maquis figuring they would augment the deck. Odo was my TMW play. I played 4 Mirror Matches
1EdeckNo Captives For Danar While Dukat Takes Aldara Out For A Spin And Cuts Down On Coffee (3v12) by SudenKapala
E-53d, anno 21.02.23 (DOM) / 21.03.24, for 21.04.06 Emissary Block (Online Limited OP Draft-turned-Sealed OTF) event.
1EdeckWas anyone NOT playing Maquis? by Keiimaster
Emissary Sealed Deck
1EdeckThe Worst by OKCoyote
1EdeckEvaluate Amoeba hunting prototype by Hoss-Drone
Do a pair of 40 pointers plus amoeba obsession for the 2 mission win




2EarticleInterference from the Briar Patch by Richard New, Design Manager
Help unscramble a message detected at Starfleet Command relayed from a Klingon outpost near Klach D'kel Brakt.
2EcardMatthew Dougherty
Matthew Dougherty
1EreportOnline Event (2021-03-22) by SudenKapala

--- W.I.P. ---

I was curious! Never played actual Warp Speed before (sealed nor constructed), even though I played many games at \'Impulse Speed\', my self-developed derivate of WS; to teach with, and for new players to practice with. So, I just had to try this out.

This was one of the very first batch of tourneys that I registered for (it seems, on 2020.12.19). Due to time constraints (Too! Much! Trekking!), I was quite late in finishing my deck (started on 21.03.24, finished on the day of the first game). But it was worth the time, though -- both for the games, as well as for the deck(building).

See deck list for some notes on its construction!

1EdeckHirogens Hire Intrepid Twins To Help Penk Hunt For Cure To Vidiian Phage (1v6) by SudenKapala
E-49d. Warp Speed, founded 21.03.24, for 21.03.22 LoC Sealed online event.
1EdeckWarp Speed Deck by geraldkw
Warp Speed Deck
2EdeckTOS Beginner Deck with some booster packs by Indyguy1183
TOS Beginner Deck with some booster packs


2EarticleFor I Am A Pirate King by Nathan Miracle, Staff Writer
Hurrah for the Pirate King!
2EcardDevos II
Devos II
2EcardPiratical Boarders
Piratical Boarders
1EdeckMay the Spock Be With You by jcchurch
Spock is no longer with us. He has gone on to be a temporal benefactor. His memory will live on in the hearts and minds of the rest of the TOS crew.
1EdeckThe Invaluable Maquis by KazonPADD
Emissary sealed tournament
1EdeckR.O.C.K. in the R.N.Z by Tyberius_Deangelo


2EcardBeverly Crusher
Beverly Crusher
1EdeckEmissary Draft by The Ninja Scot
See above
1EdeckEmissary Sealed Event April 2021 by jadziadax8
I got They Call Themselves the Maquis in a pack. That seemed like a sign I should play Maquis.