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2EarticleGet Your First Chance with Second Chances Today! by Richard New, Second Chances Lead Designer
Second Chances, the latest Second Edition expansion is available today. Download your copy!
2EcardProfessor Honey Bare
Professor Honey Bare
2EcardProfessor Honey Bare
Professor Honey Bare


2EcardPhillipa Louvois
Phillipa Louvois


2EarticleFun with Interlinking by Richard New, Second Chances Lead Designer
Today's card gives the Borg some long-awaited access to some difficult skills. At a cost.
2EcardInterlink Module
Interlink Module
2EdeckDominion Patches... with bad dilemmas by Danny
Funny story: while checking and checking again that the draw deck was HoF legal, I overlooked the dilemma deck, and went into the tournament with my "placeholder" dilemmas (20 unsupported Infestation). I'm as surprised at my placing as anyone...


2EarticleThe Very Model of Efficiency by Ross Fertel, Trtinary
Make significant changes to your deck on the fly, after the game starts!
2EcardOne Zero
One Zero
2EdeckClosed Market (DOJO 146) by Danny
A Dominion Commodities deck (with no Jemmies) set in the GQ.
TrdeckIDIC Means Appreciating the Borg Too! by jadziadax8
Jeremy intrigued me with an IDIC/Assimilate deck.
TrdeckVegas Deck by The Ninja Scot


1EarticleReminder: Saturday is Modern Demo Day! by Daniel Matteson, Lively Streamer
Get all the links and details here!
1EarticleRules Update, June 2023 by James Heaney, Rules Manager (1E)
Warp Speed! But, also, update your Lackey files before June 5th.
2EarticleA Federation of Laws by Charlie Plaine, Assistant Designer
With rare exception, the Federation are the "good guys" of Trek. Federation citizens follow the rules, and those that don't are vulnerable to Federation law enforcement. How do you capture that on a card?
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Warp Speed Rules Sheet
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Recent Rulings
The above document has recently been updated
2EcardMichael Eddington
Michael Eddington
2EdeckKardassian Kolors by abargar7510
Deck for 2023 ID Draft Regional
TrdeckMissed winning by THAT much by Jono
Rival, Fold and Poisons in this deck
TrdeckGo go go out fast by Indyguy1183
Go, Discard and Rescue deck to go out fast


2EdeckKnowledge is Punishment by abargar7510
Mirror Starfleet for HoF pilot event
2EdeckHoF Voyager - The Remix by The Ninja Scot
Try it again
2EdeckIDIC Regional - 2023 by The Ninja Scot


2EcardNesting Symbiote
Nesting Symbiote
1EdeckKCs Kazon Collective by Professor Scott
Kaisers/Carters Kazon Collective
1EdeckLovers in space by Jono
TNG Federation romantic partners deck


2EarticleSomeone Old, Something New by Charlie Plaine, Staff Writer
The only Bajoran in Second Chances is hitting notes of both character and mechanical flavor.
2EcardEls Renora
Els Renora
2ELocal (2023-04-28) by Armus
The first Kid Stipulations tournament a couple of months back was a lot of fun, so the boys wanted to do a sequel. As a recap: The tournament is Standard Complete Constructed, but I have to build a Hall of Fame-legal deck (aka a "Raw Dog" situation). Then, each kid gets to name a stipluation that I have to follow as long as I can still build a deck that can plausibly win. For this event, the two stipulations were "No Headquarters, and at least one space mission" (because Allen wanted to shoot me but didn't want me playing Khan all-planet) and then Micah added "Only 2 ships in your whole deck" ... ok then. That left Voyager, Relativity, or Equinox. Looking at the achievements I didn't have, I decided on Equinox, also because I wanted to try out Pressing On, which I've seen Phil use to good effect in the past but never played myself. I also went for the everybody cost's 3 or more achievement since 3-costers is Equinox's thing.