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2EreportTrek Masters (2019-09-09) by Fritzinger
This is what happens when you netdeck an MVB deck that wasn\'t built for achievements. I didn\'t have anything ready of my own, and I spotted the MVB day 1 worlds Relativity. I thought about changing the dilemma pile (I liked the quarter Chula pile that Stefan Slaby played at worlds) but on the day I chickened out and went with 0 changes from the original.
2EdeckRelativity (Updated) 1.5.01 HOF by TReebel
Speed Relativity solver.
2EdeckRelativity (Updated) 1.5 HOF by TReebel
Speed Relativity solver.
2EdeckMore Dissidents (HoF) by TReebel


2EdeckHelping Everyone Helps Me Too Mk. V by jadziadax8
Lackey Version of deck was weird. Made some changes to fix it.
2EdeckEinfache Leute (online Masters) by tjark
2EdeckToss it all! by tomalak
Never mind the maneuvers, just go straight at them!


2EarticleBack to the Future Day by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition
Travel thirty years in the future to save your son from bad influences and do other Second Edition things
1EreportTrek Masters (2019-09-09) by 9of24
It was a return to Stop First Contact for me in this online event. Seems to have remained a fine choice in the age of 22nd and 23rd century prevalence.
1EdeckCage - Season 2 by The Ninja Scot
Now, with less darkness
2EdeckRelativity can be fast by Fritzinger
This is what happens when you copy an MVB deck that isn\'t built for achievements.
2EdeckLol nothing matters by bhosp
Lol nothing matters
2EdeckNew Errata, Same Result.1 by The Ninja Scot
Slightly tweaked between continents
2Edeckinfestation/8472 by TReebel
2EdeckBecause Skill Diversity isn\'t the key to the Alpha Quadrant - the Dilemma Piles are. And whoever controls Terok Nor controls the Dilemma Piles. by Gorgo Primus
An attempt at a Terok Nor mill deck using the new releases since I last tried it. In terms of story, it\'s based around the Terok Nor occupation prior to \'Behind the Lines\'.
2EdeckStop, what\'s that? by eberlems
based on Tylers stop prevention
2EdeckRelativity can be fast by Fritzinger
Small relativity


articleTapatalk Discontinuation by Brian S, Director of Operations
Tapatalk integration has been discontinued for the forum due to security concerns.
2EdeckResistance ISN\'T Futile by Armus
... or is it?


1EarticleWeekly 1E Roundup - 16 OCTOBER 2019 by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
A look back at the previous week in the world First Edition, and a look ahead at the next; this is your weekly roundup for Wednesday, October 16th, 2019.


1EdeckAhab's Whale by 9of24
Stop First Contact OTF deck for online Masters 2019.
2EdeckHave you ever seen anything so full of splendor? by bhosp
2EdeckDS9 i by bhosp
DS9 i
2EdeckThe Shocker by bhosp
2EdeckOops! All Berries! by bhosp


1EdeckDraft deck by The Ninja Scot
Tin and more