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2EreportLocal (2018-09-16) by commdecker
Local tourney. My kids were busy that day, but I wasn\'t. I decided to play Delta Klingons, found a winning deck online, and tweaked it to my tastes.
1EdeckI Don't Want to Battle by The Ninja Scot
Fed DQ
1EdeckIllegitimate Mental Bangers by Armus
Chasing more achievements


2EreportLocal (2018-09-16) by edgeofhearing
I\'ve wanted to play a deck that uses RoA #6 to spam weenies for a while, so I did! I included Athos IV, but only for the achievement - all of the Maquis personnel can play to Ferenginar.
2EdeckTsunkatse by Captain Parrish
The pendari champion rules


1EdeckOTF Romulan TNG Starter 2.0 + WB Draft - SEP 2018 by jjh
TNG ROM Starter 2.0 plus drafting three packs of WB Premiere and a Reflections booster.
2EdeckAssassin Delivery Service by willraiman
Assassins, big ships, events, etc.
2EdeckDS9 Rainbow by eberlems


1EdeckKliStar by The Ninja Scot
2EdeckKlingon Traitors by Warrior50
Deck for achievements
2EdeckQ\'s Labor Camp by KillerB
Overseer Q
2EdeckKuva-magh by commdecker
DQ Klingons
2EdeckPurple Rain - Boom Boom Edition by The Prefect
Cardassians engaging in bold strategy
2EdeckFerengi Explosion by edgeofhearing
Exploding Ferengi
2EdeckQ\'s Labor Camp by Connor
Overseer Q
TrdeckParty Player Deck by Warrior50
this deck is for an achievement


1EdeckDominion by tomek
2EdeckMirror Starfleet IDIC 1.1 by Indyguy1183
This deck is 100% mirror using Starfleet and Non-Aligned personnel and ships. It is eligible for the IDIC achievement.
2EdeckGenetically Engineered TRIH Edition v2.5 by TReebel
Khaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!!! The deck that constantly asks the question \"Why am I playing this card?\"
2Edeck(five) Space is the final frontier by Jono
Five space Voyager deck
2EdeckBat\'leths for My Horses (Delphic Expanse Achievement Grabber) by Cmdr Xym
Starfleet/Klingon deck based around Horse Trader Tucker, Guidance of the Council, and Ripple Effect.
TrdeckPissing off Ted all day long (sorry) by Jono
Deck using lots of Masaka cards
TrdeckSkip, Clone and Reverse to piss you off by Onomy
Lots of Skip, Clone and Reverse cards in the deck to screw with the play order when the table is large.
TrdeckLots of different Tribbles powers by Indyguy1183
Over 25 different Tribbles powers for an achievement


articleFirst Quarter 2018 Financial Recap by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer
Money Time
1EdeckRevenge_of_the_Borg.dek by Captain Parrish