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1EarticleYes, I Know... The Borg by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications
Daniel takes a look at two iconic Borg moments from Star Trek: First Contact, hopefully soon to become iconic cards.
1EcardSeventeen of Seventeen
Seventeen of Seventeen
1EcardEngage the Borg
Engage the Borg
1EdeckRomulan Resurgence by Professor Scott
TNG Property Romulan deck using Attention All Hands, Always A Chess Game, Office of the Proconsul, and The Romulan Underground as play engines.
1EdeckPAQ_TNG_Fed.txt by Armus
1EdeckPAQ++ by geraldkw
2EdeckPrint Deck by GeenaPDX
Print Deck


1EarticleMake a Difference Again with the First Next Generation by Brian Sykes, Rookie Designer
A New Warp Core Card Brings Old Cards Out of the Binder and Opens Up New Possibilities
1Earticle1E Game Changes Delayed Until Friday by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Today is the first Monday of the month, but we are delaying the announcement of errata until Friday, February 10th.
1EcardWorkhorses of the Fleet
Workhorses of the Fleet
1EcardMake a Difference Again
Make a Difference Again
1EdeckMake A Difference Again by Armus
Release Article Draft Deck


1EcardGeordi La Forge
Geordi La Forge
1EcardRecover Stolen Material
Recover Stolen Material
1EdeckLeck Strips for Latinum by robin1234
The Eliminator eliminates his clothes in this affiliation draft deck... NOTE: Hastely put together, so there's a few mistakes...
1EdeckDS9 Klingons by Jules
Combined Klingon Task Force with Blood Oath
1EdeckThe Classical Movies Of Federated Planets by NOTaMerryMan
A Classic Films/Office of the President deck.
1EdeckPeanut Hamper Gets Her Revenge and Other Weird Stuff by jadziadax8
TNG Non-aligned for Return to Talos IV. Honestly, I'm just here for the achievements.
1EdeckNot Made Correctly - Talos IV #1 by The Ninja Scot
TNG Klingons - missing Officer Exchange Program because I forgot it.
1EdeckThe Insurrection is on - version 1.1 by RomulanAleSmith
Enterprise-E Insurrection deck. Slightly modified from earlier incarnation by removing a few cards from the draw deck.
2EdeckWhen Your Opponent Attempts Space, Do Not Give Them Planet Dilemmas by Cmdr Xym
Voyager Beginner Deck w/virtual packs
2EdeckBeginner Maquis with a few extra cards by Jono
This is a Maquis Beginner Deck using cards from the Timeless expansion and 3 virtual packs


article2023 North American Continentals by Justin Ford, Grand Proxy to the Nagus
The Nagus commands your attention NOW
1EcardChange of Heart
Change of Heart
TrLocal (2023-02-04) by Jono
This deck uses powers to get your hand size smaller via Party, Avalanche and Laughter. You can also use Copy with another player's Discard.
1Edecklive and let die by Winner of Borg
PAQ+TNG Kli/NA with card draw denial
1EdeckSearch for the Vulcan Stone of Gol by Gul Dakar
PAQ Fer/NA Deck for Talos IV Event
2EdeckTNG Beginner Deck plus cards provided at the event. by Warrior50
Deck is for an event using one of the beginner decks and cards provided at the event.
TrdeckYou are like a miniature buddha covered in hair 3.0 by Jono
Qapla / Party deck
TrdeckKlingon Style Deck by Warrior50
Deck for our next event.
TrdeckGrandfather Paradox 2 by Cmdr Xym
Achievement deck using Kill/Utilize and Rescue/Safety.


1EarticleFebruary 2023 Project Status Update by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Director of First Edition Charlie Plaine gives you an update on all of the various 1E projects in the works - as well as an exclusive Nemesis spoiler!
1EcardActivate Thalaron Weapon
Activate Thalaron Weapon
1EcardPersonal Demons
Personal Demons
TrdeckNothing But Tribble Mk II by jadziadax8
Achievement hunting again. I want to complete the current expansion cycle.
TrdeckI've Got *Faith* that Everything is 5X5 by jadziadax8
Yes, it's a Buffy joke.


1EarticleReduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reman by Paddy Tye, Eco Warrior
"Just because something's old doesn't mean you throw it away." Geordi La Forge - Relics
1EcardMartin Madden
Martin Madden
1EcardDeliberately Discarded
Deliberately Discarded


articleVoting for the 2022 Period of Review Has Begun by Maggie Geppert, Staff Writer
Please vote!
1EcardFormidable Warriors
Formidable Warriors
1EcardReman Scepter
Reman Scepter


1EcardScorpion One
Scorpion One
1ELocal (2023-01-28) by PantsOfTheTalShiar
I wanted to try to surprise people with a Kurlan Naiskos battleship hidden in a Cryosatellite, so I adapted my "Unstoppable" TNG Feds for this purpose. It was a good way to try something new without building a completely new deck. The deck relied on Captain Kirk to attack, but I ran out of time to figure out how to get the deck to attack Feds. I thought I would be fine since people would probably not be playing Fed. Alas, 2/3 opponents were.
TrdeckMT Headed and MT Handed by Professor Scott
More Tribbles. More Troubles / Recursive Player