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1EarticleA Private Little Tirade by Ross Fertel, Ranting Mad
We asked Ross to do a puzzle for the next set. He submitted a multi paragraph diatribe about ... several topics. Yeah, we'll need to talk with him.
1EcardThe Great Teacher
The Great Teacher
1EreportOnline Event (Mission to Talos IV) (2020-09-04) by Spectre9
Started the tourney not really expecting much but feeling like I was a bit squishy to battle relying on the Equinox. I did have a backup plan with the Think Tank Ship but that could take a while to draw into.
2EreportOnline Event (2020-09-26) by pfti
So I wanted to play holos so i did
2EreportOnline Event (2020-09-26) by The Ninja Scot
I\'m trying to go for a possible hidden achievement
2EreportOnline Event (2020-09-26) by Old Kor
Tried to build a TOS-Deck with the new Spock + one of the new Temporal Mission. Julius gave the hint to combine it with an Overwhelmes-Dilemma-Pile and than of course 3x •Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer is essential. I added Energize to gget easy hands on NA-Personnel like Lore, •Soval, Vulcan Ambassador or •Sybok, Fanatical Missionary. Going for Space first, than the Temporal mission and Secure strategic Base last. Runabout search is planned as \"back up\", in case something goes wrong - and I need it against Jonathan.
1EdeckKazon Carrier Fleet Wuht? by jadziadax8
Built for the Return to Talos IV Voyager only format. I\'m just here for the achievements.
1Edeck2021 Mercy In Darkness by admiralgary
Romulan Dissidents
2Edeck9-4-2020 Tourny deck by TReebel
Deep Space Nine-Earth deck
2EdeckTemporal Headaches by jadziadax8
Using the new flip missions, Harbinger dilemmas and TOS personnel in Bruce. Original version copied from LORE.
2EdeckTo Fight and Conquer by Naetor
2EdeckThe Green Hell v1.1 by monty42
2EdeckPast Klingons Only by The Ninja Scot
See above
2EdeckDabo! by The Ninja Scot
D a b o
2EdeckTemporal Incident by Old Kor
Temporal mission with Spock and Harbinger Dilemma - HoF-Version
2EdeckHolo of Fame by pfti


1EarticleA Private Little War by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
The Continuing Committee is proud to announce A Private Little War, featuring sixty-three (63) new First Edition virtual cards, coming on October 16th, 2020.
1EarticleA Private Little War Release Kits Now Available by Dan Hamman, Warehouse Manager
Celebrate the arrival of Original Series Klingons with a release kit for A Private Little War, now available but in limited quantities.
1EcardOrganian Annexation
Organian Annexation
1EcardAccess Dilithium Cache
Access Dilithium Cache
1EcardExamine Morality
Examine Morality
1EcardCaptain Kang
Captain Kang
1EcardCaptain Koloth
Captain Koloth
1EreportOnline Event (Mission to Talos IV) (2020-09-04) by Keiimaster
So I thought, Big Blue and some NA, what could go wrong.
1EdeckVoyager Constructed by Armus
Using RTT4 to fill in some Achievement gaps.
1EdeckVoyager/The Borg Only by Keiimaster
1EdeckFive-Year Mission by Caretaker's Guest
1EdeckEquinox Think Tank by Spectre9
A deck to harness the power of War council using a lot of high cunning, high skill, high treachery personnel.


1EdeckThe Borg, Borg by Commander Joe
1EdeckJust how few can you have? by The Ninja Scot
Voy/Borg only
2EdeckA Gaze Blank and Pitiless As the Sun Mk II by jadziadax8
This is a Borg solver using megateaming, big missions and Persistent dilemma.
2EdeckBCF 12.5 Cardie Mill by Pfti by Fritzinger
BCF Kraxon


2EdeckStupid 3HQ Dabo Shenanigans MkIII (HOF Edit) by willraiman
TrdeckEhrmagerd, Poniez! by jadziadax8
Tribbles ARE Magic!
TrdeckBlade Runner by SirDan
12 Replicate & 8 Dabo 12 Replicate & 12 Bah


1EarticlePromo-a-Week - Sleeper Trap by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer
When you can catch your opponent...asleep.
1EcardSleeper Trap
Sleeper Trap
1EdeckThe Buddy Emissary by geraldkw
The Buddy Emissary


1EdeckKaron asks for The Manager by sexecutioner
Karon would like to see the Liberation Manager in this Voyager-only deck...
1EdeckShitty Vidiians Stolen from Armus by jadziadax8
Organ Theft is unbanned. Hooray! Let\'s see if we can make Vidiians not suck! Also... Superstar... NEELIX?! WTF?!


2EreportRegional (2020-08-22) by tomalak
I\'ve never played in a HoF tournament before, and I\'d never played over Lackey. It showed. I was playing 5-space Voyager, but I made some dumb mistakes that I wasn\'t happy with.
2EreportOnline Event (2020-09-19) by pfti
I get assigned dominion, i dedicide to try ifultrators. two missions to win plus 30 points of stops off the ship is the goal
2EreportOnline Event (2020-09-19) by Naetor
I\'m playing with a lot of the Past Klingons from the latest set in the other tournament going on; and by chance I was assigned TOS as a random HQ in this tournament. This meant I was going to try out the new Temporal mission mechanic a bit, and built the deck around the main one I thought was interesting- Na\'Kuhl Prime, it\'s the one that lets you move dilemmas. With a 5-cost Spock, I wanted to play Energize and bring in a bunch of other superstar high-cost personnel. It made the mission solving a bit more interesting.
2EdeckVoyager Hall of Fame by tomalak
2020 Cardassia Regionals deck
2EdeckBones- there's something on the wing... some...thing! by Naetor
2EdeckInfiltration is Weird by pfti