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TrdeckOnline EU TR by pfti
play all taken from Markus for all the achievements


1EarticleThe Neutral Zone Now Available by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
The Neutral Zone, featuring fifty-four (54) new First Edition cards, is now available for free and immediate download.
1EcardPoor Quality Workmanship
Poor Quality Workmanship
1EcardWhite Rabbit
White Rabbit
1EcardEvade Sensors
Evade Sensors
1EcardBarbara Series
Barbara Series
1EcardDr. Brown
Dr. Brown
1EcardStella Mudd
Stella Mudd
1EdeckThe Admonition? Never Heard of It. by jadziadax8
We will welcome the Synths!
2EdeckRom Premiere sealed by eberlems


1EcardCommunity Leader
Community Leader
1EcardLt. Stiles
Lt. Stiles


1EarticleSIQpu'bogh bIj! by Daniel Matteson, ghItlh ghom HoD
tlhIngan 'etlh qaD 'ej San qIlmeH pIj.
1EarticleEmergency Ban Announcement by Jon Carter, Game Health Advisor
We wrote up a pretty funny article to celebrate April Fools Day, but don't want to catch anyone off-guard. Check it out if you are so inclined.
1EarticleWeekly 1E Roundup - 1 APRIL 2020 by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
A look back at the previous week in the world First Edition, and a look ahead at the next; this is your weekly roundup for Wednesday, April 1st, 2020.
1EcardExperience Bij!
Experience Bij!
1EcardTricyanate Poisoning
Tricyanate Poisoning
1EcardShapeshift: Fluidity
Shapeshift: Fluidity
1EdeckTo Borg or not to Borg by mrpurple
Does it work?


1EarticleNo Hand Luke by Paddy Tye, Hand of the Praetor and Warden of the Neutral Zone
No, this isn't about Star Wars....
1EcardLong Live the Empire!
Long Live the Empire!
1EcardEnsign Tamara
Ensign Tamara
1EreportOnline Event (2020-03-09) by princedetenebres
I chickened out of playing my 90 card Ferengi deck, and at the last moment opted for this one over that and a DS9 deck.

The idea was to get any unique Non-Aligned Maquis for free to Search for Rebels, Non-Aligned Te guys for free to the HQ there, and Federation Flagship Relaunched to get the Ent-E to a Terran Outpost at Mine Dilithium, offering a 3rd free play. Cross Quadrant Expansion (on my mission 2) and Study Divergent for draws (plus possibly FF: Renewed). And I even opted for the Emblem of the Alliance to try and get another means of a free report, with Mr Sisko\'s NA gang having some opportunities there with their mentions of each other in lore among the leaders. Though this would prove to be wishful thinking, and not afford me the chance to attack anyone but with my sole NA Maquis ship... unless of course I were to face a Borg deck...

1EdeckThe Island of Lt. Moreau by Keiimaster
Fed Empire Deck
1EdeckGolden Age 1999 Option 2 by Armus
Because I have no fucking clue what to build
1EdeckVisiting Cochrane in the Golden Age by Spectre9
Enterprise E based deck using Earth and Visit Cochrane Memorial as the main draw engine.


1EcardCloaked Maneuvers
Cloaked Maneuvers
1EcardI... Have Had... Enough of You!
I... Have Had... Enough of You!
1EcardNot Programmed to Respond
Not Programmed to Respond
1EcardStudy Cybernetic Relics
Study Cybernetic Relics
1EdeckFounders\' holo-laundering by MaxJGreiner
I made a youtube video as this is a pretty strange combo deck that tries to win in a turn or two using holograms, founders, capturing, artifacts, and other nonsense.


1EcardRayna Kapec
Rayna Kapec
1EcardMr. Spock
Mr. Spock
1EreportOnline Event (2020-03-09) by Keiimaster