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1EdeckStay ... in your HOUSE! by commdecker
"Crazy Eyes" Gowron and his Arbiters of Succession
2EdeckOuchtown... Population: You, Bro! by LORE
Romulan deck played at the 2/21 Sealed tournament.
2EdeckI missed this Office - HoF by Caretaker's Guest
TN Mill


1EreportOnline Event (2021-02-08) by commdecker
2EreportOnline Event (2021-03-06) by The Ninja Scot
Amber said to play the Gambit related achievement deck so I did. I\'m surprised by well it did. It really helped that only one person downloaded any Non-Aligned all tournament.
1EdeckWE ARE KLINGONS!!! by geraldkw
2EdeckHistory Is Written by the Victors by monty42
2EdeckCasualties of the Average Cardassians by The Ninja Scot
See above
2EdeckGambit but without the charging powers by The Ninja Scot
Mon cher
2EdeckUnleash the Archers HoF by monty42


1EdeckTNG Borg Without A Safety Net by Commander Joe
1Edeck"The Nightman Cometh" - It's Always Sunny in Terok Nor by sexecutioner
Entek pays the Troll Toll to Frank in this Reshape, Cardassian capture deck...
2EdeckA Taste of Honey by Kivas Fajo
A taste of honey Tasting much sweeter Than wine (Doo-doo-d\'n doo) (Doo-doo-d\'n doo) I dream of your First kiss and then I feel upon My lips again


1EdeckDelta Red by Captain Parrish
3 Mission Wholesomeness
1EdeckNight at the Museum by Captain Parrish
Their ALIVE!!
1EdeckResist by GooeyChewie
Lots of resisting
1EdeckI Do Not Like Being Woken Up by The Ninja Scot
Kazon Battle
1EdeckHere I am by GooeyChewie
Yes it is me
1EdeckNight at the Museum by Captain Parrish
Their ALIVE!!


1EarticleMarch Madness 2021: Choose a New Card by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
We're pitting sixty-four (64) potential cards against each other in a single elimination tournament. Your votes get to decide which idea will become a card, and you might get to win one of three (3) borderless promos!
1EdeckFerengi DS9 by GooeyChewie
New Civilizations
2EdeckAcademy Multi Kulti 02.2021 by tjark
2EdeckTo Catch a Thief by Jono
Just a Thief deck. Nothing to see here.


1EreportOnline Event (2021-02-08) by SudenKapala

As planned before-hand, this was to be the second gig with \"deck 45\" (my perversion / modification of the \'Borgasmic\' TNG staple deck). I concentrated -- as said in the deck notes -- on getting myself some much-desired Achievements! And, where possible, I made the deck a bit more playable. This was mainly in taking out some extraneous mechanics that depend on drone downloads and a queenly presence. Interesting to play the deck now over the course of a few weeks, instead of having 3 games in 1 day.

TrreportOnline Event (2021-03-02) by commdecker
I arrive to find Gen+Laughter, which this deck uses, have just been nerfed. Oh well.
2EdeckOccupied Cardassia by The Prefect
Dominion Battle
TrdeckSuicide Makes You Hungry... I Dont Care What Anyone Says ver 4.0 by LORE
Battle / Clone / Fizzbin deck played at the 2/21 Online tournament.
TrdeckIt\'s So Intense! (Dabo/Replicate Edition) by MidnightLich
An oversized double rainbow deck, with extra Dabo and Replicate tribbles.
TrdeckHonest Rescue by Kamala
TrdeckJust Try to Find Me in Contempt by The Ninja Scot
Out of Order achievement
TrdeckThis is Bonus Magic! by commdecker
And you are the Fuzzy Witch!


articleMarch 2021 Printable Promo Update by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
We bring you the first printable promo update of 2021 today, with eighteen (18) cards made newly printable. We also have news about future printable promo updates, and winners of the borderless promo giveaway!
articleNew Tournament Promos Series Q (1E) and XXI (2E) by Charlie Plaine, Promo Manager
Check out the new Series Q promos for First Edition, and the Series XXI promos for Second Edition, the latter of which was picked by you! These will be available for requisition later this month.
articleAchievement Anniversary Feats by Rogue Shindler, Achievements Master
How many ways will you celebrate?
1EarticleRules Update, March 2021 by James Heaney, First Edition Rules Manager
The solution to Emergent Life-Form + Cytherians, the ANIMAL rights movement notches a big win, and much more besides!
1EarticleMarch 2021 Balance Team Update by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Today's update brings ten (10) clarifying errata, as well as one new addition to the OTF Ban List and one addition to the Watch List.
TrarticleTwo Tribbles Errata for March by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition
Two cards from A Tribble of a Different Color - 10 Generosity and 100 Laughter - receive errata today.
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Virtual Errata File (Hi Res)
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: OTF Ban List
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Errata - Recent Updates
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Virtual Errata File
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Current Watchlist
The above document has recently been updated
1EdocumentDocument Updated: Recent Rulings
The above document has recently been updated
2EdocumentDocument Updated: Hall of Fame (Limited Format) Cardlist
The above document has recently been updated
1EcardVulcan Mindmeld
Vulcan Mindmeld
1EcardData Laughing
Data Laughing
1EcardEngage Shuttle Operations
Engage Shuttle Operations
1EcardDuck Blind
Duck Blind
1EcardBlack Hole
Black Hole
1EcardHologram Ruse
Hologram Ruse
1EcardBorg Ship
Borg Ship
1EcardAlien Abduction
Alien Abduction
2EcardD-7 Battlecruiser
D-7 Battlecruiser
2EcardU.S.S. Constitution
U.S.S. Constitution
2EcardSector 21396
Sector 21396
2EcardConfessions in the Pale Moonlight
Confessions in the Pale Moonlight
2EcardChula: The Game
Chula: The Game
1EwatchExcalbian Surak was banned
The ability to repeatedly use Excalbian Surak without interacting with an opponent has proven to be far easier and far more reliable than intended. While our teams investigate ways to address this powerful interaction with opposing Nemesis cards, Surak is banned in OTF.
1EwatchQuite a Coincidence was added to the watch list
Excalbian Surak has exposed how (potentially) easy it is to farm points by killing one's own personnel. This is not a new interaction, so there is no desire to act on this card now. However, watching it to see the effect of Surak's removal is warranted.
2EdeckTMP Academy by grandar
Deck built for the academy format with only TOSMP property cards.