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article2018 Peldor Gratitude Festival by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman
The Continuing Committee gives thanks for a great 2018.


1EdeckDelta Red by Captain Parrish
3 Mission Wholesomeness
1EdeckThe Gift by Captain Parrish
Warcouncil in the DQ


1EdeckSilent and Deadly by The Ninja Scot
Texas Masters
2EdeckDS9E Cadets of Death by The Ninja Scot
2EdeckI just want to solve missions by The Ninja Scot
Texas Masters
2EdeckPinata Highlander by The Ninja Scot
Ferengi Highlander
2EdeckBajoran Resistance visits The Void by Boratus
2 mission win with all the Bajoran resistance tactics.


1EreportTrek Masters (2018-11-09) by sexecutioner
I love Khan. So when Cold Front was released, it gave me the tools I needed to finally crack the elusive interactive Khan deck. Seed Khan and the Reliant, get Sarod to draw cards by Eeling, use Raakin as the Temporal Benefactor to give multiple Personnel Transporter Skill, grab the Warship and Lam to Invasive into the opponents ships and party away.
2Edeck2Q 2Klingons by bhosp
2EdeckThe Seattle Sociopaths by bhosp
2EdeckNeil Timmons Pearl Necklace by pschrader
TOS 8472
2EdeckIf I Win TCM2 With This, Then Errata Is Necessary by jadziadax8
Changed to conform to HoF format.
2EdeckNo one in their right mind plays Bleeding to Death by edgeofhearing


1EdeckSexy Eel Time by sexecutioner
Khan has something to put in you in this interactive Ceti Eel deck...
1EdeckNostalgia by edgeofhearing
2EdeckSoulless Minions of Orthodoxy by edgeofhearing
Megateam Borg


1EarticleThe Gift: Now Available by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager
The Gift, nine (9) new cards focused on the Delta Quadrant, is now available for free and immediate download!
1EcardBypass Warzone
Bypass Warzone
1EdeckThe Seattle Sociopaths by bhosp
2EdeckHighlander - Bajorans by edgeofhearing
2EdeckWe have no law to fit your crime by bhosp


1EarticleKazon Fruit Bowl by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications
The first couple of the Kazon Collective return for more subterfuge.
1EcardCulluh and Seska
Culluh and Seska
TrdeckHey, Ron... I'm Riding a Furry Tractor! 2.0 by LORE
Battle / Clone deck played at the 11/18 Online League tournament.


articleSecond Edition Staffing Update by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager
There is a change coming with Second Edition design staffing.
1EarticleOn the Hunt by Charlie Plaine, First Edition Designer
One of the most requested cards for Hirogen has been a second play engine. Hirogen Hunt: Coordinated Effort is that card.
1EcardHirogen Hunt: Coordinated Effort
Hirogen Hunt: Coordinated Effort
2EreportLocal (2018-10-14) by Trekker777